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#02-02, The Shoppes at MBS 10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore
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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on January 08, 2014    

A celebrity chef restaurant located at MBS featurring Modern European-Japanese cuisine that starts with degustation menus at $400 a pop.

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Must go at least once in a lifetime

Waku Ghin's menu changes with seasons, so don't be surprised that your previous meal has been taken down!

Their whooping 10 course degustation was very bit the definition of perfection.

Their signature Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Oscietra Caviar remains throughout the seasons. It is their creme de la creme, the dish that is celebrated and loved by michelin chefs all around the world. Yet, foolish foolish me did not enjoy it for the most retarded and obtuse of reasons: it was too fishy for my liking. I have never enjoyed the taste of sea urchin, nor caviar (i know right) so this although was the climax of the meal, my immature taste buds told me they didn't like it, and I passed my share to my lucky mother, who with a tear in her eye ate the whole thing.

I however, am in love with their live abalone barbequed to a tender chewiness, and it sat on a throne of lovely tomato couscous. I felt a pang of guilt as I watched the rather good-looking chef (ahem, ladies) skillfully removed the shell and watched it writher as it was barbequed on individual fires. But this dish has got to be the best tasting dish I've ever had in my life. MY LIFE. And i've eaten pretty amazing things before but this, hands down, has got to be it for me.

Now, there are many seasonal changes (as mentioned) in the menu, but it seems the above mentioned dishes have earned their reputation to stay for good.

I've had the chance of sampling freshly imported white japanese peaches, and a sorbet made from it for dessert. And a complimentary tofu cheesecake which was nothing but divine.
They also serve free flow macarons which trust me, you'll be too stuffed to order another round. Unless they allow takeaways, or you could stash a pile in your handbag when no one is watching. But that is just me fantasizing.

Please do consider saving up and taking a trip down to Waku Ghin for a special occasion with your loved ones. Other than it being an insight to the magic of culinary geniuses, being wined and dined in the utter lap of luxury, and going "oooh" and "ahhh" with each other really makes this experience more enjoyable.

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