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A steak restaurant owned by celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck. 

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(Updated: September 14, 2014)


I have long heard of Chef Wolfgang Puck and wanted to go to a restaurant helmed by him. So when I learned of CUT being open in Singapore, I was excited to try the cuisine.

The restaurant was very dim. I get it that the restaurant might be trying to create a certain ambiance but it was really too dim for my liking. I had a bit of difficulty trying to read the menu.

I found no fault with the service of the staff, but given that this is a fine dining restaurant, most patrons would expect nothing less.

Now, the most important thing - the food. While the steak I had wasn't bad, I wasn't particularly impressed by it either. I in fact did not finish my portion. It could either be because the portion was quite substantial or because I found the steak a tad salty. But surprisingly, the dessert (souffle) was divine.

Overall, the dining experience was not too bad. However, I thought it was overrated. Maybe because I have had high expectations for the restaurant before going there.

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It is difficult for me to get started on reviewing Wolfgang's CUT because whenever I am there I am simply washed over by waves of ecstasy and magic that I scramble to find the right words worthy of description.

The place is rather dim and chic, waiters immediately attending to every beck and call, refilling water and wine glasses without you even having to realise you're running low.
Do request for some wine to go with your meals. There are staff there who are able to come out with the best pairings for your meal. As I'm not an avid wine drinker, I prefer to stick to something sweet and bubbly which they also provided.

Complimentary bread baskets are always a delight because their choices such as onion bread, or soft pretzels are just mind-blowingly delicious. Do remember to exercise restraint and not overload on carbohydrates and keep a clear mind. Our objective is their steaks.

Appetizers are just magical. You can simply close your eyes and pick at random, and I guarantee you your choice will be nothing short of spectacular.
I had always wanted to try raw beef, and CUT was just the right place for a virgin like me. I had the privilege of tasting their raw kobe slices with salad, which at first was admittedly daunting for me, but at first taste, I would sell my right arm just to have another taste.
Many have used the term "melt in your mouth" but the kobe slices required no mastication at all and slid down my throat in a form of liquid gold.

There's a large variety of cuts and origins for beef so meat lovers will feel so comfortable customizing their mains. I love their porterhouse steak which is meant for sharing. Tender, juicy, and so flavoursome that it penetrates through your body. Pair it up with their sides, I recommend their cream spinach and physically-defyingly thin onion rings.

Like most people, I shy away from sauces so I can fully enjoy the meat's natural flavours. But my, my, with another friend's introduction, she got me hooked on their sauces which I began pouring into my mouth. In CUT, just try everything if you have the chance. Chances are, you won't regret it.

Also, ask your friendly server for any specials off the menu and you'll be surprised at how reasonable the prices are. I was lucky enough to have tried their mussels poached in a blanc sauce served with bread topped with an obscene amount of garlic. The damage was only $22! And there were at least 500 grams to 1 kilo of fresh delicate morsels of fleshy mussels.

If your body is able to take it, indulge and let yourself go with their chocolate souffle, which is comparable to the one at Morton's Steakhouse. Soft, fluffy, with a splash of vanilla bean ice cream and oozing fudge, you have now experienced true luxury in CUT.

I'll definitely go back there, really soon.

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Amazing steak, service & ambience!

Cut is definitely one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore. If you're in the mood for some steak, head down to Cut! Their steak, specifically the Kobe, is exquisite and simply melts in your mouth. Even their sides are delectable. On my last visit, my husband and I ordered the fries, wild mushrooms and spinach and loved 'em all (though the fries were definitely my fave!)

The prices of Cut are definitely not cheap though. We went on our anniversary and spent over $1,000 (a hefty amount of the cost was due to the booze though!) but must say it was incredibly worth it! The service is impeccable, and the waiters go above and beyond to serve you. The ambience is also lovely and boasts a dark, trendy interior.

Another thing I love about Cut is its amazing cocktails! To read more about Cut's lesser known bar, please go to my blog!

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