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Fukuichi’s core business is fisheries, where they have facilities on board their ships to flash freeze fish at sea, which kills bacteria and preserves the meat at its original condition.

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12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 00:00
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TripleOne Somerset Road


Shake Aburi Maki
Ebi Almond Tempura
Kani Karaage
Gyuniku Fagura Sauce
Hiyashi Gyomen
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Great Food, great ambience

Fukuichi never fails to disappoint every time I go there. From the cold starters to hot udon to end the meal, the food is consistently good. The sashimi is also particularly fresh here, with big, generous chunks of salmon and swordfish served over a platter of ice. This is much more enjoyable than the thin strips of sashimi that many Japanese restaurants are guilty of committing in an effort to cut costs.

If you're the kind of person that loves variety, I highly recommend their bento set, as Fukuichi actually serves dishes that you actually want.

The ambience is really nice too, and the tables are spaced out. The private rooms are the best, set in the traditional Japanese setting with tatami flooring and shoji doors. That coupled with waitresses dressed in traditional costumes, could fool you into thinking that you were in Japan.

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Cannot miss out Fukuichi if you love Japanese food

Fukuichi offers food that are above average in taste, quality and price as well. My total bill (including $2 for green tea) came up to $121.25 for 5 ala-carte items for two pax.

Now let's feast!

Ebi Almond Tempura / Deep Fried Prawn with Almond Crumbs ($22) was a surprise at sight because it is not a common dish in japanese restaurants in Singapore. The dish was very well done. The almond flakes were fried to crisp and the flakes did not fall off when I picked the prawn up. Taste wise, it was nice BUT I thought that there were too much almond flakes. It overpowered the prawn in quantity. I felt that I had eaten more almond flakes than prawn which was kinda disappointing. If the flakes were crushed to slightly smaller bits (crumbs) and instead of covering the whole prawn, maybe glazed on one side of the prawn would be good. (^O^) Nonetheless, the sweetness and freshness of the prawn were not diminished one bit.

Shake Aburi Maki / Seared Salmon Roll ($22) was AWESOME! the salmon was super fresh! (you can read up on how fresh Fukuichi's fishes are from the links in my intro) When I was eating this, there was no need add anything else.. no need to dip shoyu or add wasabi.. it was that good!

Kani Karaage / Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab ($10) was good.. unfortunately, I'm not a fan so I don't really know how to appreciate this.. The sauce that came along was slightly sour.. It takes off the oily taste of the dish and tantalizes your taste buds a bit.. On another hand, it was also delicious to eat without the sauce as well.. Even after left on the table for a while.. eating it cold was still as crispy.. that's the power of good japanese batter and frying skills!

I'm sure many are familiar with somen (cold noodles) but what about gyomen (fish noodles)?

Hiyashi Gyomen / Cold Fish Noodles ($12) is the first fish noodles I've tried. It was very very very good. There was no fishy stench so not to worry. The texture is slightly tougher than somen.. imagine eating slightly softer version of fishcake that it made into noodles.. it should be that kind of texture..

How to eat?
Add some scallion and myoga (Japanese ginger) into the tsuyu (dipping sauce).. take a mouthful of the gyomen into the dipping sauce.. slurp it up!
Note: Personal preference but my personal opinion would be - be easy on the ginger.. do not put all the ginger into the dipping sauce.. a bit will do.. (^o^)

One sad point was the portion. I wished there were more.. *drools*

Gyuniku Fagura Sauce / Grilled Beef with Foie Gras Sauce ($35) was another AWESOME dish.. The sauce was good to the extent that it was wiped clean! The beef cubes were medium well done and tenderized.. Every mouthful and every bite was so satisfying.. I just let out "hmmmm" every cube I ate.. Really!

Service: The waitresses were prompt in clearing the plates when we finished them. They were also attentive so not to worry if you can't get their attention like some restaurants.

Waiting time: After ordering, the first dish (Ebi Almond Tempura) came in 3 minutes! Subsequently, the dishes came one by one in two to three minutes.. that's fast! For hot items, they came real hot! hahaha..

Ambience: The restaurant is spacious and not cramped like some Japanese restaurants. The setting is recommendable for group gathering, family and couples too..

Verdict: I'll be back! (in terminator's voice) to conquer other dishes!!! hahahahaaa~~

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Best Part:
Shake Aburi Maki and Gyuniku Fagura Sauce
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Shake Aburi Maki
Ebi Almond Tempura
Kani Karaage
Gyuniku Fagura Sauce
Hiyashi Gyomen
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Fresh and tender salmon sashimi

If I am craving for Japanese cuisine, I will definitely go to Fukuichi.

Nestled in a quiet corner of Triple One Somerset, Fukuichi Japanese Dining shies away from the hustle and bustle of town. It is a stark contrast from its neighbour [email protected]

Although the prices are a tad steep for the portion they serve, I think the quality made up for it. If you are looking to try the restaurant without hurting your pockets, you could go during lunch, where you can get Tempura Teishoku and Sashimi Teishoku from $20.

For dinner, a group of us ordered the highly recommended Kani Tofu, Shiro Maguro Maki, Chawamushi, Mategai mentaiko yaki, and salmon sashimi. The Kani Tofu is a must eat for century egg lovers. The century egg dressing, coupled with tofu, is simply heavenly. Do note that it comes in a really small bowl. I would also recommend their salmon sashimi. True to its core value of keeping their fishes fresh, their salmon sashimi was so tender, I felt that it could have melted in my mouth. Although the dish only had five slices, each slice was thick and full of flavour, especially when eaten with a bit of wasabi. Oishii!

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Salmon Sashimi
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