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Listing created by jared on February 04, 2013    

The star restaurant of W Hotel situated on the eastern part of Sentosa that specializes in grills and prime cuts. Be sure to check out our TSL front page feature SKIRT @ W Singapore review.

Dress code is important here and males in for e.g not in long pants, will not be entertained.

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(Updated: February 24, 2013)

Amazing service!

I had an amazing time at Skirt W Hotel. I decided to visit this place after seeing a review on TheSmartLocal.

The waitresses and waiters here are clearly very very well-trained and they bring an element of fun and candidness to their job effortlessly. They will introduce themselves to you and a particular waitress will be assigned to your table. All of them are friendly and it was just amazing being among such a good crew. They smile to you even when you are going to the toilet and the service here is top notch.

The decor here is also very nice, perfect ambience without being pretentious, big thank you of course to the crew that puts everyone in a light and chatty mood. Don't you just hate wait staff that stare down on you when they themselves... lets not be mean.

Anyway, the food here is very decent. I did not get to try their famous skirt aussie steak as it was unavailable but the other steaks i had were decent. My starters of chorizo is not very value for money though, it came only with a few pieces and with olives, something i cannot imagine eating besides olive oil.

Desserts had a few hits and misses but the choc mud thing was very yummy.

Will definitely recommend this place. You can also take a lovely walk around sentosa cove after the meal and bask in one of the finest neighbourhoods in this country.

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(Updated: February 17, 2013)

Lovely grills and great prices

There aren't many restaurants that specalise in grills so I was delighted when we were invited to check SKIRT out. And speaking of SKIRT, I personally did not hear of this term before. It is a cut of beef from the "plate" valued for its flavor rather than tenderness. And of course it is the type that SKIRT specializes in!

SKIRT is super romantic and exclusive, tucked away in the confines of Hotel W Singapore at Sentosa Cove. Its virtually inaccessible by public transport, located in one of the richest neighborhoods in Singapore - Sentosa Cove. A lot of attention went into the decor and ambiance and I felt under dressed with my collared tee and jeans. Its location makes it perfect for special occasions, the environment is refreshing and you don't feel like you're anywhere in Singapore.

We had three grilled items. First up was the Chorizo (sausage), Olives and Bread which was prepared differently. To soak up the flavor from the grill, Chef Andrew opted to slice the it up into yummy bite sized pieces instead. I liked the crustaceans ($22) even more as I struggled to keep up with all the fancy names which so effortlessly rolled off the tip of Jeremy's tongue. I have never eaten such large prawns in my life, they were succulent and well seasoned and the servings were huge - the three crustaceans were halved into 6 pieces. Definitely order it to share.

And finally for our main course we had the Blackmore Australian Wagyu Steak ($44) which came with 8 types of sauces and 5 types of salts! To say we were spoilt for choice would still somehow be an understatement. I had fun trying all the different sauces but the steak was already so flavourful on its own I decided to eat the second half of it by itself. I loved how the outside of it was grilled perfectly even feeling a bit crispy while the inside retained its moisture.

Dining at SKIRT turned out to be one of our favourite invitations and I also find the prices extremely reasonable! We will definitely be back soon on our own.

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SKIRT Steak!
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