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9 Scotts Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 30, 2012    

Singapore's first restaurant by three-michelin starred chef; Bruno Menard.

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Average in every way

I was promised one of the best burgers of my life when I was taken to &Made, yet I left feeling disappointed. I visited the one on Scotts Road, that has since relocated, which is a shame as it was the decor and feel of the place which I enjoyed most on my visit. The burger itself was ok, there was nothing wrong with it however for the price that I payed and the claims that it is a ‘bistro’ burger restaurant, it was really nothing special. What was worst about the meal were the cheesy fries. *gags*. Honestly the worst chips that I have ever had in my life. They were drowned in the cheapest tasting cheese sauce, leaving them soaked through and making me feel a little sick. Luckily I ordered some truffle fries instead, and they were a million times better.

I ended up spending about $40 on a pretty average meal which definitely did not live up to expectations. When the creator of the brand is a three star michelin chef you expect burgers to taste like they’re made out of unicorn meat and fairies, and not for easily fixable mistakes such as using cheap bottled cheese sauce. For a burger anywhere else it would have been ok, however for me, my harshness comes from my expectations and the price that I had to pay for what I had.

From reviews that I have seen online, it seems to be that many feel the same way. I like the concept behind the menu and its originality, it had the potential to be a really good meal but I was just left feeling a bit hard done by. Either the quality of the food needs to improve or the prices need to be lowered, either way average meal and average experience, sorry &Made.

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Underwhelming burger

Finally found an occasion to drop by &Made for after reading so much about them (but not like we need a reason to eat well right?). The place was beautifully set up for a pleasant dining experience.

I ordered the 'B' Burger (and added a piece of pan fried foie gras for good measure and to chalk up more calories than I need) and switched up to truffle fries for the sides. I had pretty high expectations for the burger to be honest. The menu read "juicy dry aged beef patty". Dry, yes. Juicy? No. The truffle fries were very well seasoned, but I don't think it was enough to make up for the underwhelming burger (which was our sole reason for visiting the place).

Plus, the hefty price tag of $50ish per person made the visit less justified. I think the money would be better spent at a burger joint elsewhere.

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