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#0105/08 & #0102 Odeon Towers 331 North Bridge road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 19, 2012    

Asia Grand is a unique Cantonese cuisine restaurant featuring traditional Cantonese dishes, a special is their Peking Duck.

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Awesome & Authentic HK cuisines including Dim Sum

Asia Grand is my indisputable choice for family dinners for the celebration for all occasions. We frequent the place so often that it has become like a tradition to celebrate our birthdays there every year, such that it would be considered a shame should we fail to get a table due to last minute booking. Therefore always book in advance as they are often fully booked, both for dim sum as well as dinner.

Asia Grand serves the finest and most authentic HK cuisines I can find in Singapore, and with the freshest ingredients as well. For dinner or lunches, it is a must to try their Peking Duck, which is a steal at 30 dollars, though budget friendly, the restaurant cuts no corner with their serving of it – complete with the wheeling out of the piping duck and the shearing off of its crisp skin right in front of the guests before it is served on a platter with crepes and cucumbers. Simply delicious. Oh yes, as for the leftover meat, you can have a choice of making it into “Pau Cai Pau” where the duck meat gets sautéed with pine nuts and some other stuffs, and then used as a filling for fresh cabbage leaves. Very refreshing, at a separate cost though. On the other hand, you may also have the meat fired with Ee Mee(noodles). Nice too.

Another all time favourite of my wife’s, are the bamboo clams, served individually, steamed with garlic and golden mushrooms. It used to go for 10 dollars per pax, however the last time we were there, I recall that it was mentioned that the prices for the clams were likely to rise. Besides that, also must try their different kinds of soup, or rather broth, as they have all been cooked for a long period of time. No need to be exuberant though there are expensive choices, even their soup of the day is failproof delicious. Their HK style steam fish albeit a staple in most Cantonese restaurant is also very good, as they serve live seafood in visible tanks in the restaurant. Try their “Dong Xin Ban”.

As for dessert, for something special, you may want to order “Gui Hua Gao” which is Osmanthus flower cake. Though the cake, served in pairs, looks awfully like Nu bra, they are very tasty with the mild fragrance of Osmanthus flowers bursting forth in your mouth at your first chew. If you can’t make it for dinner, try their dim sum also very good, complete with pig trotter vinegar, beef briskets and giant beef balls, all highly delectable. Overall, Asia Grand is a superb place, not forgetting their service staff, very sincere and friendly, like family.

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Yummy peking duck!

The food here is really good and tasty. However, a note of caution, you must make a reservation at least a day in advance! My parents and I have constantly tried to have dinner there at the last minute but there is never ever space, because it's always fully booked. This clearly shows how popular the restaurant is!

While food here can be quite pricey, it is really of top quality. The Peking Duck is definitely one of the best I've tried in Singapore. After eating the duck skin wrapped, the remaining portion of the duck will be stir fried and served with cabbage for you to eat later on. Apart from that, the fried rice here is really good too. It is not just your ordinary fried rice that you can find at a hawker stall, it is a must try!

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Peking duck!

Always crowded on a weekend and friday nights, it is hard to get a seat without reservation. Because my mum works at above odeon towers, with Asia Grand below, they often have business lunches there. She has practically tried all their dishes on their menu.

She has also been there for their dim sum line and often brings back leftovers for the family. Even when cold, the dimsum are good to boot. I was first introduced to peking duck was through this restaurant, wrapped in a crepe like skin, with a slice of cucumber, a piece of duck skin and a tsp of oyster sauce, this combination is heavenly.

I have been there once with my parents too, we were lucky we got a seat at that time. The previous few tries there were to no avail. The other dishes they whip up were tasty too, they reminded me of home.

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