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Listing created by Iswariya on November 12, 2012    

La Cantina is a fine-dining restaurant offering authentic Italian cuisine. Diners are offered panoramic views of the sea coupled with great-tasting food in an experience that is guaranteed to make them come back. 


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Excellent Italian Food And Nice Views, At A Price

La Cantina In Venezia means The Cellar In Venice, which gives a clue to the theme of this restaurant. Probably one of the better, and also more expensive, Italian restaurants I've dined in, La Cantina In Venezia serves traditional Italian food in a comfortable and whimsical setting, with great views of the bay.

Ambience at La Cantina In Venezia is styled after the famous masquerade balls in Venice during the Renaissance period, with a touch of colonial European class. Floral arrangements adorn the interior, with manicured bushes outside. La Cantina In Venezia occupies 2 storeys, and both offer a good view of the beach and bay nearby. However, the overall floor space here is rather limited, even with outdoor seating, and reservations are recommended.

Service at La Cantina In Venezia is befitting a fine dining restaurant. We had a problem with a shaky table, which staff fixed on the spot. They also acceded to our request to portion out food, as we were sharing. Staff also offer to change dirty plates throughout the meal.

Food at La Cantina In Venezia is traditional Italian, with antipasta, pasta and pizza being the main highlights. The key in Italian cuisine is simplicity and freshness of ingredients, both of which La Cantina In Venezia has managed to get right. Flavour in most dishes comes from one or two key ingredients, and their dishes are generally quite tasty. I did note that their seafood tends to make their pizza crust slightly soggy and the pasta sauce thinner, due to the presence of water.

Prices at La Cantina In Venezia are on the expensive side, with the total bill for 5 of us coming up to SGD $240. And this was without alcohol or wine. For what its worth, I'll probably only visit La Cantina In Venezia for special occasions.

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Best Italian food ever!!!

La Cantina, is without a doubt, the best restaurant I've ever been to!

I was there on a date just last month, and it was the best place I've probably ever eaten at. the waitress was really polite and attentive to us, plus the restaurant was quaint and quiet.

The restaurant offers fine Italian food that is really mouth-watering! The prices are not too bad either. We ordered a pizza, 2 plates of pasta and droolicious mushroom soup as well as an order of Parma ham with mozzarella cheese... the total bill came up to just $110!

The ambience at La Cantina is quiet and peaceful, with soothing music piped in. I strongly recommend this restaurant to anyone who's looking for a great meal!

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