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Level 70, Equinox Complex, Swissôtel The Stamford 2 Stamford Road Singapore 178882
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Listing created by Damien on May 10, 2012    

Located on Level 70 of Swissôtel The Stamford, Equinox Restaurant offers an abundance of choice with Chef de Cuisine Lee Bennett's modern European cuisine with traditional values so patrons are treated to a varied and multi-dimensional culinary experience. Adding to the restaurant’s uniqueness is the breathtaking, panoramic views of Singapore from the 70th floor.

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Lunch Monday - Saturday: 12.00pm - 2.30pm High Tea Monday - Sunday: 3.30pm - 5.00pm Dinner Monday - Sunday: 6.30pm - 10.30pm


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Exquisite dining and even better views

Trying to find the best spot to eat in Singapore is near to impossible. Even when you try to narrow it down to those with a view, the amount of high rise buildings and spots on the island where you can see for miles leaves you spoilt for choice. So luckily, a quick look at equinox online and a booking without too much though led me to enjoying one of the best meals out that I have ever had in Singapore.

The place just screams class, the layout of the restaurant is beautiful and the staff are impeccably dressed, this is definitely a meal that you can’t just rock up in jeans and a tshirt to. You feel incredible when in Equinox, the interior so classically designed and not at all overdone in any way shape or form, it sounds cheesy I know but you feel like a star. The food is undeniably expensive, but the quality of the food is also so high that it makes you cry a little less when looking at your account balance later on. My main issue is that the portions were small, however in high end dining I should probably have expected nothing less.

Although you may have to pay extra to sit by the window, I still had possibly the best view of Singapore right from my table. The sunset from that high is breathtaking and you get to actually watch the whole city transform from day to night right in front of your eyes. Service was incredible, the place and the food was beautiful, and it’s impossible to describe just how amazing the view actually is. One of my favourite, most romantic places in the whole of Singapore, and I am saving up for another trip as soon as possible.

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Paying for the view

I went to this restaurant when it first opened many years ago. That was the one and only one time. The selling point of the restaurant is not so much the food but the view and it is a view you cannot get for free.

If you had taken the lift up to the restaurant before and requested to go in to take a look without paying, you will be stopped at the entrance. And from the entrance, you will not be able to get any view.

Once you decide to pay for the expensive meal, you will be shown into the restaurant. Most of the tables are by the windows so you get the unobstructed view that you paid for. I didn't remember the restaurant is revolving but you don't need it to be revolving, the view from where you are seated should be the best you can get from one of the highest point in Singapore.

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Wowed by the view, but nothing else.

Having read rave reviews, I had high expectations when I went for the High Tea Buffet at Equinox. Upon stepping in, I was greeted with friendly staff, and wonderful furnishing and ambience. Was further impressed with the excellent view of Singapore, making it a good start to the meal.

However, everything else after failed to impress. The food was decent, but lacked the 'wow' factor. I could probably get similar food at half the price! The spread was not as wide as expected. My favourite part of the buffet would be the dessert, the only part which met my expectations.

At such a hefty price, Equinox fails to deliver.

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(Updated: December 07, 2012)

Great view, mediocre food

I was recommended by a local friend of mine to try out Equinox a few weeks ago, but it was a little disappointing. When you enter, everything looks great, from the table that we were seated on which overlooks the city area of Singapore to the friendly services from the staffs.

However, for the price you're paying, I thought the food was just okay. Nothing that all blow me away sadly. And for dinner, I do not recommend bringing a kid, most of the diners there were couples. The setting was more towards romantic, I can definitely see someone proposing there!

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So so.

Me and my mum came here for a high tea buffet recently. The view was excellent of course but the food was not as good as I had hoped it would be. The variety was minimal and food tended to finish rather fast. The staff, however, did not refill them promptly. Dessert was good though as they were many cakes available for selection.

However, to me, this was just an ordinary high tea buffet that I could find at other cheaper hotels. There was nothing fantastic about it and no particular dish stood out for me. In fact, I would not really recommend one to eat here, especially since its not value for money at all.

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Dining on top of the world.

My sister and I went there for hi tea buffet which starts around 3.30 pm. To get to this restaurant, you have to take lift and go all the way up to the 70th story. We were welcomed by a couple of friendly staffs. My sister and I requested to have window view and of course, we were seated at our requested area. The view is breathtaking. You can see the whole city skyline from such a high altitude. 

The menu and dishes for the hi tea is quite great. There was a whole range of cooked and grilled meat, and I would say the lamb rack is the among the best. The meat is pink in the middle , juicy and tender too. I could not resist the temptation to keep coming back to the counter for more servings. 

Among the best too, there is Sashimi spread, along with with clams, salmon, tuna, and sea bass. For the japanese cuisine lovers, you ought to try the hand rolls which comes in ebi prawn and crabmeat with roe flavours. Over at the same counter too, you could have your old soba and a wide range of sushi

For your dessert, you can choose to have hazelnut chocolate bar; it is a little too sweet for me and the chocolate was complimented with a great crunchy biscuit. If you love to mix and match, this dessert goes pretty well with strawberry ice cream. 

For the hi tea , I spent about $50 per person, which is worth the buffet. Definitely recommended. 

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Sinful Indulgence

Located at Level 70, Equinox Restaurant had already set an expectation for its patrons and it sure didn't let me down. Guest are expected to dress smart ( for men) and elegant ( for women). As soon as we reach the 70th floor, my companion and I were greeted by nice friendly staff, before we were escorted into the restaurant. We were then asked if we wanted a window side table since it's available with a $20 extra charge. We agreed willingly, afterall, the view looked amazing. After being seated, we were then given out the menu as we pondered on our menu for the day.

We decided on the 3 course set menu, and was amazed with the food. It was exceptionally good. With the serving of each course, the staff would explain to us what's the dish consisted of. Our of the three dishes that I had, I would personally recommend the Pavé of Salmon with Ratte Potato, Beetroot, Marinated Black Olive and Frisée Salad, Basil Pesto. Quite a mouthful for a dish but it is superbly amazing. You'd probably will never be satisfied with any other salmon after this. The desert was also an highlight. Should you be going in pair, do try to have different menus as each dish is definitely worth a try.

As an aftermeal, we decided to have an alcoholic drink and since we're at the Equinox Restaurant, do try the Equinox cocktail.It's easy drinking, especially when you're looking out to the amazing view of MBS and the skyscrapers surrounding the Singapore river.

With all of this wonderful points, the money spent will all seemed to be worth it in the end. A great way to reward yourself for special occasion, in my case, a birthday treat for a friend who turned 21.

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Pavé of Salmon with Ratte Potato, Beetroot, Marinated Black Olive and Frisée Salad, Basil Pesto
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(Updated: May 13, 2012)

Great foie gras

Set above the metropolitan streets, one can enjoy the fantastic view that only aerial dining offers. A word of caution, don’t go to Equinox buffet hoping to bloat your stomachs. Equinox buffet focuses on quality, not quantity. The variety of appetizers at the buffet stations may not be that extensive, but be rest assured that the quality and freshness of each item will satisfy your taste buds, especially the seafood station. Oysters, mussels, prawns and clams were fresh and delightful.

Each buffet patron is also entitled to one order of entrée. The carbonara I had was out of this world, and possibly the best I’ve had in my entire life. The creaminess of the pasta was not overpowering. The angus sirloin my partner had was also equally delectable, and side of sautéed potatoes complemented extremely well. Equinox’s foie gras was simply heavenly, and had I known it was free flow I would have ordered to my heart’s content.

The dessert station offered plenty of pastries, cakes, tarts and also ice cream! By the irresistible displays, it was difficult to resist, though I don't have a particular sweet tooth. I love the tarts, with their fulfilling curds and sweet interiors.

Equinox may not be cheap, but indulgence once in a while is more than reasonable.

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