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Lydia Hunter
Listing created by Lydia Hunter on February 10, 2016    

Lenny and Larry's create vegan, kosher and non-GMO cookies, muffins and brownies. They are packed with protein and fibre, making them popular choices amongst fitness fanatics and those concerned about health and sustainable products. 

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The most multifunctional cookie of all time

Lenny and Larry’s cookies have managed to pack in so many reasons to eat their cookies, that everyone from vegan long distance runners to meat loving body-builders buy their products. As neither, I still love their cookies, especially the chocolate chip ones, the healthy part is just a bonus really. With no preservatives or animal products, and tons of protein and fibre in each, people everywhere use them either in their process of bulking up, or just enjoying a snack knowing that it’s better for you than the next alternative.

So far I’ve only tried the chocolate chip and the double chocolate chip, and out of the two I prefer the regular chocolate chip, but that might just be because I’m not the biggest chocolate fan. My boyfriend and I love them, I recently bought him a massive box of twelve for christmas, but opinions are divided. His mum in her own words, thought “they taste like biscuits for baby’s”. However, I couldn’t disagree more. For starters, they’re massive. Like double the size of your first, and about 2cm thick. Nothing baby about that. Also, I just really love the taste, and they’re filling too so one is more than enough to eat before or after a workout.

Per cookie they’re quite expensive, but I would really recommend buying a pack of 12 or more. They’re better value, and one is just never enough, you’ll always be craving more the next day. They’re a healthy alternative if you find yourself stuffing your face with crisps and biscuits all day, but also are really useful if you’re into fitness, they’re a delicious way to get in all the protein and fibre that you could possibly need.

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