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Pon Swee Man
Listing created by Pon Swee Man on January 19, 2016    

88 Congee serves up Hong Kong style congee in the heartlands of Toa Payoh. Their speciality thick porridge with watered down grains and a crispy fried dough fritter is comforting to the stomach and delicious as well, with succulent meatballs and their trademark century egg. Best eaten for breakfast, 88 Congee is your very own hotel-quality hawker gem, with its owner having worked in famous hotels like Raffles hotel and Hong Kong's Shangri La.

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7am – 3pm Tuesday to Saturday, 7am – 2pm Sunday, Closed on Mondays
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< $10


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Heartland Finds: Hong Kong Kowloon Congee

Yet another heartland gem in Toa Payoh, 88 Congee is the perfect morning fix that’s light on the stomach yet filling. My favourite comfort food after a night of greasy snacking is the Meat Ball and Century Egg congee for its slightly salty and peppery taste.

What’s special about their meatball is that it’s juicy and tender, as if there’s a sauce hidden inside it that oozes out when you chew it. It brings flavour to the mild but tasty porridge. As always, the youtiao is the highlight of the congee: deep-fried till crisp on the spot and drenched soggy in the smooth porridge.

If you think congee is standard bland fare for the sick, think again. 88 Congee’s congee packs a good mix of savoury flavours into the soupy smooth base that will leave you craving more after the last spoon.

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Toa Payoh
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