Weng Pancake

Weng Pancake

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Stall No. 26 / Maxwell Food Centre 1 Kadayanallur Street Singapore 069184
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Alicia Teng
Listing created by Alicia Teng on January 19, 2016    

Weng Pancake is a stall in the bustling Maxwell Road Market which specializes in old school peanut pancakes, or mee chiang kueh. Weng's makes their pancakes fresh every morning, and the store auntie frequently restocks throughout the afternoon till they are sold out. Their pancakes are available in flavors such as red bean, and they also sell other old-school bakes like butter cake and egg tarts. 

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Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat 7am-5pm, Sun 7am-3pm
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< $10

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Superb Peanut Pancake. Cheap, Delicious and Super Fragrant

One of my all-time favorite kueh is mee chiang kueh, or stuffed peanut pancake. Chains like Mr Bean and Jollibean sell them, but for a true taste of authentic mee chiang kueh, head down to Weng’s Pancake in Maxwell Market.

Weng’s mee chiang kueh comes in a few varieties: the regular thick folded ones, and an unusual sliced roll variety that is flavored with pandan. Their mee chiang kueh is really cheap, at only $0.50 per slice! I’ve tried both versions, which surprisingly, are quite different. The regular folded mee chiang kueh is assembled such that the crumbly layer of crushed peanuts and sugar is sandwiched between 2 thick layers of fluffy pancake. On the other hand, the pandan flavored swiss roll-seque version has a higher filling to pancake ratio, with the peanut filling being incorporated more evenly throughout the pancake. Both are fragrant and very generously filled with peanut, and ultimately, it boils down to personal preference. I like both.

I’m a huge fan of Weng’s, and whenever I’m in the area (and if they aren’t sold out yet), I’ll buy at least 2 pieces to munch on. It’s that addictive.

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