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Mr Avocado Exotic Juice

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#01-19 ALEXANDRA FOOD VILLAGE 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 Singapore 150120
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Elisabeth Ng
Listing created by Elisabeth Ng on January 13, 2016    

Mr Avocado Exotic Juice serves not only its bestseller avocado juice, but other drinks as well such as Durian Avocado Juice. 

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1030 - 2130
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< $10

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Best Avocado Juice In Singapore

Nothing beats the original! This indeed applies to the numerous stalls in Alexandra Food Village all peddling the same avocado juice. Although there are a total of 5 of them, one of them reigns victorious - both in terms of taste and customer traffic.

Mr Avocado Exotic Juice is the authentic stall whose success has precipitated the proliferation of copycat stalls. However, it has managed and continues to thwart competitors’ attempts to replicate its success by maintaining its distinctive rich and creamy that sets it apart from other versions. Unlike the other stalls, you will not run the risk of your avocado juice becoming diluted. The buttery taste of avocado is excellently complemented by the addition of gula melaka and the end result is a thick grassy cold drink. Even for those who do not appreciate avocado, this drink is sure to tickle your fancy.

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Avocado milkshake that is worth your money

Among the tens of drink stalls in Alexandra Village Hawker Centre, Mr. Avocado Exotic Juice stands out due to its chic and classy signboard. The usual hawker centre vibe is replaced with a trendy feel, and overall, it looks more appealing.

It’s so hard to find good avocado milkshakes around these days. Some are too diluted, some are merely green coloured milk, and the rest are just plain and bland. For all the avocado-lovers out there, you have to visit Mr. Avocado for their avocado milkshake. It is creamy and thick, with a fruity avocado flavour. The juice is well blended and does not have chunks of avocado, which spoil the smooth texture.

If you’re craving for a cup of avocado milkshake and don’t want to risk another disappointment, take a trip to Mr. Avocado. I haven’t tried out the other milkshakes sold there, although they look equally good.

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