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12_45 Mookata

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#01-3/4 Kopitiam Square 10 Sengkang Square Singapore 544829
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Elisabeth Ng
Listing created by Elisabeth Ng on January 08, 2016    

12_45 Mookata serves Mookata - a crossbreed between a steamboat and a BBQ grill. Different meats and seafood are offered for you to cook, such as chicken, beef and pork and prawns. 

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12_45 Mookata - the best amalgamation of steamboat and BBQ yet

12_45 Mookata - if your favourite steamboat and BBQ grill had a child, this would be it. In one sitting, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. One moment your tastebuds could be relishing the taste of grilled meat and the next, flavourful chicken broth. 12_45 Mookata offers a wide selection of different meats and seafood, however my favourite would have to be the garlic pork. As someone who normally detests garlic and picks out even the miniscule pieces of them from her vegetables, I was thoroughly surprised by how much I liked the garlic pork here. The garlic flavour was intense yet not overpowering and this complemented the pork wonderfully.

Chili can be said to determine whether a mookata meal is elevated from just good to drool-worthy. I can safely declare that 12_45’s chili is the peanut butter to grilled meats’ jelly. Their chili is made fresh daily and caters to different spice tolerance levels, with the red chili having a slight sweet tang to it while its green counterpart is noticeably spicier. It’s impossible to decide on a favourite so I simply alternate between the two sauces every now and then.

Frequenters of mookata joints can all identify with the pain experienced when your carefully cooked piece of meat slides from the skillet into the broth. Gripe no more, simply visit 12_45 Mookata the next time you crave for a lethal combination of both grilled and boiled meat. 12_45 Mookata’s skillets have ingeniously included raised edges along their rim to prevent such travesties from happening. This is a major plus point in my books, as I have spent too much time during my past mookata meals fishing out lost pieces of meat.

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