Garden Street Kway Chap Hot

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Stall 21 Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre 49A Serangoon Garden Way Singapore S(555945)
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Clarissa Wong
Listing created by Clarissa Wong on January 08, 2016    

Originally from Blanco Court, Garden Street Kway Chap has been in the business for more than 50 years selling the beloved Teochew dish

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8am-3pm (Tue-Fri), 8am-4pm (Sat & Sun)
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< $10

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Totally Worth Queuing For

You’ll be in for a treat if you can wait out the snaking queue at this famed Kway Chap stall at Serangoon Gardens. Their business thrives so well that they don’t open for dinner; by mid-afternoon, they’re already sold out. Do arrive early to avoid disappointment!

The key to good Kway Chap is flavourful sauce and good chili, and this stall nails both points. A favourite ingredient of mine is the tau pok, which soaks up the sauce such that it coats your mouth in a burst of flavour when you bite into it. Another must-pick is the well-seasoned roasted pork pieces which have just the right amount of saltiness.

Wash that all down with the herbal kway teow broth, which is somehow comforting even in the afternoon kopitiam heat. Who says you need to spend more than $5 to have a good feast?

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Be prepared to queue for your kway chap (it’s worth it)

Located at the back of Serangoon Garden Market lies the famous Blanco Court Garden Street Kway Chap which attracts long queues of people everyday, each waiting for a taste of the silky smooth kway.

I often order just a bowl of kway along with pork belly, egg, tau-pok, and tofu. What distinguishes this stall from other Kway Chap stalls is really the kway. Despite supposedly being just like the fatter sibling of kway teow, the kway from this store is thin widthwise - so thin that each piece is almost translucent. This allows every slurp of noodle to slide easily down your throat, while achieving the perfect ratio of soup to kway. The soup is also delicious, with none of the thin and diluted pork essence taste often found in other stores.

Given that they were able to install a television in front of the stall, I presume business is good. Well, it’s honestly no surprise.

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