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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on January 23, 2014    

Located in Hai Fong coffee shop in Toa Payoh North, opposite Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), Hong Sheng Restaurant serves Chinese Zi Char. It opens only in the evenings. Popular in the Toa Payoh area, it has attracted many customers with their reasonable prices and authentic Cantonese cuisine.

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Tue - Sun 5pm - 10.30pm, Closed Mon
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< $10


Claypot Grouper Fish Head With Vegetables
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THE best har cheong gai. No seriously.

It's true, in all my years of hedonistic har cheong gai adventures, this place is where you will find the most fragrant, delicious fried chicken bits. My grandfather used to live upstairs this coffee-shop, and for that I'm eternally grateful, because without which I would probably live my entire life not knowing of this place. I love this place just because Toa Payoh is home and this is a little Toa Payoh gem, cordoned off from outsider foodies.

So the har cheong gai is amazing, and the chilli dip is as well. They go so well together. On its own though, it is still very much amazing and crispy and satisfying and all the reasons that make for a food review with poor sentencing.. just thinking about it distracts me slightly.

Other popular dishes include the claypot fish head, the hor fun and my personal favorites are the stir fry chives with huge, and by huge i mean jumbo-sized, shrimps and the ee-mian! They are located just opposite SPH, a few minutes' walk from Braddell MRT. Service is pretty efficient despite the large crowds and only visit them if you're comfortable with dining in large, rowdy crowds of families. It's not that bad, really.

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Stri fry chives with shrimps
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Cheap And Good Draws Crowds

For over 45 years, Hong Sheng Restaurant has been drawing crowds with its excellent, tasty Zi Char dishes, cheap prices, and hearty portions. Only open from 5pm - 10pm in the evenings daily, Hong Sheng Restaurant still manages to draw crowds to this sleepy part of Toa Payoh, just opposite the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) headquarters.

Located in a coffeeshop, don't expect much ambience at Hong Sheng Restaurant. The Zi Char shop takes over the whole coffeeshop at night, even the drinks still isn't operational, so Hong Sheng Restaurant serves its own drinks (Tea). Still, the atmosphere is pretty good, the area is clean, and the surrounding greenery and open air cool the place.

Service at Hong Sheng Restaurant is brusque, bordering on rude, but efficient. Orders are taken quickly, and served just as quickly, despite the crowds. However, you might have to wait some time for dirty tables to be cleared, as only 1 uncle is assigned to that.

The main attraction at Hong Sheng Restaurant is the low, afforable prices, and hearty tasty dishes. Food is nicely portioned for sharing. The signature dish at Hong Sheng Restaurant is the Claypot FIsh Head, with nearly every table ordering this.

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Claypot Grouper Fish Head With Vegetables
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