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Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice

Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice Hot

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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on December 10, 2013    

A stall specializing in a recent trend - scissor cut curry rice. It has since attracted a loyal customer base and is now a regular supepr haunt.

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11:00 - 03:30
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Their generous portions make for a hearty meal.

I once watched a movie entitled ‘Recipe’ which aimed to create awareness on dementia, and the protagonist’s mother who was suffering from dementia saw demand for her famous scissor-cut curry rice stall dwindle as she struggled to retain her culinary skills. Throughout the movie, there were several scenes of gravy-covered rice that intrigued me. After some research I found that the last few places selling authentic Scissor-Cut curry rice which involves 2 different gravies poured over rice and ‘toppings’ of your choice is this restaurant at Jalan Besar.

For my ‘toppings’, I ordered a fried egg, chap chye, tau pok, and their braised pork belly. Their braised pork belly had the perfect fat-to-meat ratio, and their chap chye was simple but surprisingly tasty! As for the rice, while I expected a harmony of distinct flavours in my mouth, I was disappointed that since the sauces had swirled into a single mess, it was difficult to distinguish the curry from the braised black sauce. However, the slight disappointment felt may have been due to the expectations I built up in my head. Overall, it was still a good meal that satisfied my stomach!

If you are looking for a place which serves generous portions at a relatively low price, this is the place to go. Let's keep this authentic version of Hainanese curry rice around!

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(Updated: January 22, 2015)

Economical rice with curry, lor

Set in an airy coffeeshop, my friends and I paid them a visit on a scorching Saturday afternoon because we wanted to eat something affordable. It's about a 5-minute walk from City Square Mall, so this place isn't difficult to hunt down if you're keen on visiting.

Seriously, I don't get the hype behind this curry rice place. Besides dishing up very generous portions, it's basically your typical Chinese mixed rice with a lot more curry drizzled atop your rice.

We ordered too much with dishes like curry chicken wings, fried ngoh hiang, eggs, cabbage, braised taupok and fish cakes along with the usual kopitiam beverages and couldn't wipe them off our plates even with 5 guys round the table with me.

While their curry ain't spicy and lip-numbing, I did enjoy chomping down those fried pillows of ngoh hiang and healthy cabbage. The braised taupok was a tad overpowering with in-your-face flavours of spices which I wasn't a fan of.

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Normal Chap Chye Rice

I have eaten at Scissor-Cut Curry Rice twice and I didn’t know it was so popular the first time I was there. It’s quite cool to see the uncle working his magic with the scissors and their payment collection is rather unique as well. But other than that, I find it to be pretty common.

The food tasted just like normal economy rice drenched with curry. I find that their type of curry wasn’t thick, flavourful or creamy enough, but leaned more towards the healthier version with its texture and lack of taste. In addition, their serving was very generous as the amount of rice they gave was enough for two. Their food wasn’t exceptional but overall, they gave me the very old school and traditional feel. Hence, even though I do not understand the hype behind the scissors, but I definitely prefer these kinds of curry rice and outlets as compared to those found in shopping malls.

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Admist the uproar last year over the 'scissors cut' curry rice, I decided to pop by for a visit with a friend to see if what legends say about it is indeed true. It turned out to be a disappointing experience. Hence, I'll structure this review according to how it tasted and then how I actually expected it to be.

To order scissors-cut curry rice, you separate into order for rice then the ingredients, which they will cut with scissors. The ingredients could be chosen and after which orders will be taken for drinks. Meanwhile, curry is slathered all over the ingredients and rice (I requested for it but am not sure if it is the normal practice for the hawker to do so without the customer asking). I found the curry quite bland-tasting but nevertheless smooth and thick. Moreover, the ingredients were standard boiled, mixed quite ok with the curry and go quite well with the rice. This was washed down with a glass of their homemade barley drink whilst sitting in an outside seat watching the traffic go by on the roads.

My expectations however, were far from met. From the uproar, I had expected heavenly curry with fantastic ingredients. However, the curry wasn't as tasty or spicy as even the curry at the hawker centre opposite my school last time. Moreover, the ingredients were not well prepared. The tofu was not soft enough and the vegetables were hard. It would help to have stir fried them and serve them in curry as yong tau foo stalls in food courts do. The rice too, was too soft and sticky, making its consumption as chore. However, I have to positively comment that their homemade barley tastes great! A wonderful washing down after a full meal!

Quite over-rated initially but the uproar seems to have died down nowadays. Still, the price is quite acceptable and definitely worth a try if you feel up to it!

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