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Blk 442 Clementi Ave 3 Singapore 120442
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 31, 2013    

A small stall which first started at Clementi selling 24/7 dim sum, Lai Kee has now expanded to 4 more branches across Singapore.

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24 hours
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24/7 dim sum makes me happy

I have trouble sleeping.

Which means I wander around my area (Clementi) at night because of my deep inability to sit still and watch a movie at home.

I honestly thought I covered them all till I saw this place.

I came home from Zouk pretty awake and extremely hungry one day and saw the lights of this coffeeshop still on. Amid the loud conversations the night shift workers were having, I managed to find out the dim sum stall was open. Woo!

I proceeded to order my standard of siew mai and har kaw and it took less than five minutes to be ready. I was prepared to be disappointed (I had 126 the next before) and perhaps it was the low expectations, but god was it good.

I always eat har kaw first because I firmly believe most dim sum places mess up har kaw but do siew mai considerably well so I should eat the lesser first, but this one changed that thinking. The har kaw was soft and chewy, completely appetizing despite how humble it looked.

The siew mai was only alright, but the har kaw kept me coming the night after, and again the night after.

How very lucky for me to live so near such a dim sum hotspot, now I shall say goodbye to my diet plans forever.

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