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#B1-14, New Roxy Square 50 East Coast Road Singapore 428769
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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on July 05, 2013    

A very popular ala-carte style steamboat that used to be in the basement food court of Parkway Parade. After 20 years of being there they moved to Roxy Square across the road.

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(Updated: July 05, 2013)

Amazing Chilli Sauce!

This steamboat is quite different from most steamboats in Singapore. Firstly, it offers only two soup bases, chicken and tom yum. Their bases are definitely superior to most steamboat places. Next, you can choose chicken rice as your rice for fifty cents more. Also, its not a buffet like most steamboats. An average person would spend about $15 since most dishes are $3-5. And instead of letting you make your own chili sauce, they have their own home made chili sauce which is unique and extremely good.

This steamboat is super popular for those who stay near Parkway. When they used to be at the food court there, it was common to see over half the food court just eating their steamboat and taking up all the space! It was crazy to see! Today, they have moved to the desolate roxy square with the most impossible to find food court at the basement. I mean, you would not even think there is a basement in the shopping centre let alone a food court. And they still pull in a good crowd, a testament to how popular they are. The crowd they attract end up taking more than half the food court space again here, just look at the picture i took on a weekday night!

For myself, because I used to stay in the East this steamboat was the first I've ever tried and this place was my favourite for a long time. Their meats are above average, I like their home made fishballs and shrimp dumplings. Service is terrible - soup and chili refills are self-service even tho the staff are just sitting around doing nothing. I come back here for the memories and the great chili sauce, which they actually do sell but at quite an overpriced rate. And when I don't feel like stuffing myself with the more value for money steamboats along Bugis.

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chili sauce
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new roxy square
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