Zhong Zhong Fine Spice ( Niu Che Sui - Chinatown)

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116 #02-149 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 588172
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Jensen Chua
Listing created by Jensen Chua on May 21, 2013    

Hawker stall specialising in Chinese "rojak" like tau kwa, prawn cracker, ngor hiang, spring and yam roll and many other deep-fried items. Signature item is crispy prawn cracker. Standard side dish is fried bee hoon to accompany the meal. Food items are Non-halal. Payment is cash only.

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8.30am - 22.30pm (Mons & Tues closed)
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< $10


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My idea of a happy meal :)

Different dish means different thing to different people and variety is certainly the spice of life. To me, Zhong Zhong Fine Spice (Niu Che Sui, or Chinatown) is like a magnet to me, whenever I visits Upper Bukit Timah Food Centre for meals.

I'm not sure if the constant queue of hungry patrons lining up to select their choice picks subconsciously influenced me (read 'crowd psychology) to join the queue or it's my 'lack' of "food vision"...but I can safely say it's their delicious fare..and the fact that you can choose what you like adds to the fun factor.

My usual must-haves are the prawn fritters or crackers, yam rolls (you can detect real pieces of yam), ngor hiang (meat roll), tau kwa (bean curd) ,etc. And of course the little plate of simple fried bee hoon is a standard accompaniment (the only, in fact). It's fried just right, with the right texture (slightly firm) and seasoning that blends well with the main dish.

And of course, their chilli sauce is really lovely...balanced (some says it's a tad spicy) and top with a splash of crunchy ground toasted peanut. And, if you are buying the meal home...they will packed in small plastic bags so that you can add it in prior start of meal.

For a family of four, with four plates of fried bee hoon and 7-8 items, the bill can come up to $15-$18. Somewhat pricey...but do note that the ingredients they used are fresh and proper - that is, in the yam roll, you can spot yam, in the ngor hiang, you can taste meat pieces and not just flour paste, etc.

Their "official" off days are Mondays and Tuesday...but on quite a few occasion on other days, they are closed as well. Also, frequently, they closed early when they sold out. So if you are the food centre and they are opened...count your luck and have a Happy Meal :)

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The crispy prawn cracker, chilli sauce with peanut and ngor hiang
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My happy meal
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