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#02-102 Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre 31 Commonwealth Crescent Singapore 149644
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Listing created by poppy on February 06, 2013    

Hong Kong Street Zhen Ji is famous for its white 'san lao' hor fun. 

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Pretty awesome!

Hong Kong Street Zhen Ji serves one of the best san lao for fun. The hor fun is smooth, covered generously in gravy which isn't too thick nor diluted and the fish slices are really fresh too! The fish bee hoon soup is not too bad too! In fact, one of the better ones I've had. The soup is milky and tasty while the fish (you can choose between the fried fish or fish slices) is fresh and very generous. You would expect to pay a hefty price for a dish with fresh fish slices, but no! The small serving of both the bee hoon soup and the hor fun is around $6+. Which is a very reasonable price to pay considering that quality and quantity too.

I really enjoy their har cheong kai as well! The chicken mid joints are fleshy and covered in prawn paste and fried to perfection. Each bite is crunchy yet juicy at the same time. Sinful but I don't care!

Hong Kong Street Zhen Ji serves mostly tze char style dishes which include bean curd, vegetables, meat, poultry etc. all of which that I've tried were pretty decent. Definitely a to go for family dinners where we can order many dishes to share.

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smooth hor fun and tasty prawn paste chicken

A popular tze char place that you have to visit if you are a tze char lover! It operates at Ang Mo Kio and Alexandra Road. The one that I frequent is the outlet at Alexandra Road.

This place is famous for their 'san lao hor fun' which is essentially hor fun (flat white rice noodle), fish and beansprouts tossed together. My first thought of this dish was that it wasn't very appetizing. It looked plain because it was just white. The hor fun was white, the fish was white, the beansprouts was white. Like the cliche saying goes, 'never judge a book by its cover' and in this case, never judge a plate of hor fun by its color! This hor fun is not like the normal brown, gravy-laden hor fun you eat outside. It's a lighter and healthier version of it.

The hor fun was SO smooth, I gave up using my chopsticks to eat. I just scooped it with my spoon. The fish was fresh and smooth, not overcooked. The beansprouts were sweet and added a crunchy texture to the otherwise soft hor fun and fish. The dish wouldn't be the same without the beansprouts, really. If you find it too bland, you can always add some soy sauce in it. It's nice to have a change of taste once in a while.

I had the prawn paste chicken (har jeong gai) as well and it was a great side dish to eat with the hor fun. Crispy and flavorful. I can't remember the prices for both dishes but it was reasonable. Come around 530-6pm if you want to beat the dinner crowd, which can get quite scary.

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Best san lao hor fun!

Hong Kong Street Zhen Ji is one of the most bustling ‘tze char’ stalls I’ve encountered. It gets especially crowded at dinnertime on the weekends. The specialty dish here is the “san lao” hor fun, which comprises of hor fun, sliced fish and TONS of beansprouts. That is the only vice of the dish. Other than that, it is possibly one of the best hor funs (wok hei is heavenly) I’ve had in my entire life.

A number of other dishes I enjoy from the stall include the sliced fish head beehoon (the soup broth is to-die-for), prawn paste chicken and fish head.

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