Whampoa Barbeque Seafood & Chicken Wing

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  #01-83 90 Whampoa Drive Singapore 320090
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A stall at Whampoa Drive Blk 90 Food Centre that sells BBQ chicken wings, and seafood such as live crabs, gong gong and cockles since 1984.

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4.30pm to 11.00pm. Closed on Wednesday
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Fresh, tasty, succulent.
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There are many popular food stalls in Whampoa Food Centre, and among them, there are some that are really good, and there are some that just taste average.

This BBQ stall is one of the better ones there. The stall is run by a auntie and uncle who meticulously prepares the food everyday from around lunchtime and start selling around late afternoon. The cockles they sell are always scrubbed clean before they sell it. If you see the auntie squatting down in the stall during operating hours, it means that she is scrubbing the crab that has just been killed before they put in onto the pit. Although the auntie looks stern, she is actually friendly, don't be scared of her.

They mainly sell 3 types of food including chicken wings, crabs and cockles and gong gong. Each of this food is served with its own chilli sauce. Chicken wings are served with a chicken rice type of chilli sauce which tastes even better with some lime juice in it. Crabs are served with a sweet and sour chilli sauce, which adds a lot of flavour to the fresh taste of the crab meat. I like this sauce a lot, and I do wonder if I order crab simply cause I wanted to eat this sauce. Cockles and gong gong are served with a paste type of chilli sauce which is the spiciest among the 3 sauces.

The wings are specially marinated and has a tinge of alcohol taste when you bite into it and the wings are also succulent and with a bit of crispiness on its skin. Although the minimum order is 2 pieces, do go for 4 or more, 2 is simply not enough.

Overall, one of my favourite stalls in here, a must for everyone who goes there.

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