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Han Western Delights

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Blk 446 #01-1653-1659 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
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Felicia Yeow
Listing created by Felicia Yeow on December 25, 2012    

Han Western Delights in located at the coffee shop below a HDB building in Ang Mo Kio, and sells a wide variety of western food at economic prices.

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Relish fades

Being a great western food lover, I have the habit of comparing the western food from all the western food stalls/ restaurants I've visited with one another. For consistency's sake, I usually try out the fish and chips (my favourite!), but sadly, the fish and chips from this stall does not rank high on my list. In fact, it is wavering somewhere between average and mediocre.

I had a certain amount of expectation from this stall due to the mouth-watering pictures on display, but when the food was served (a bit too fast, if I might add), my anticipation waned a little. This was mainly due to the colour of the fish, which was so orange it looked like it could blend against Garfield's body. Upon trying the food, I realised why the food was served up so fast. It was not due to the excellent service (that was average), but rather the lack of customers, and for good reason.

The sides, consisting of french fries (without a hint of salt; good only if you're trying to reduce sodium intake), salad (limp and wet), and baked beans (without the 'baked' part) were alll served up stone-cold. As in, they were not even at room temperature, but obviously taken out from the fridge. The fish was at least warm to begin with, but halfway through the meal, gradually became cold as well; and the taste gave one the impression that the preparation method merely involved taking it out from the freezer, defrosting it and heating it up.

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