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H S Eating House 56 Serangoon Way Singapore 550427
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Nicholas Tang
Listing created by Nicholas Tang on December 20, 2012    

A western cuisine stall specialising in grilled steaks.

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Good value, good food

When a friend of mine told me we were going to have steak, I was like "noooo I'm broke nononononono" but he insisted it was good and inexpensive so we went. And he wasn't lying. They've got a really good variety of meats, each at different prices. You could get chicken at $8 or Wagyu Steak at $40.

I had the NZ Ribeye Steak and it cost about $17 including 2 sides. All of which tasted better than I expected. For the price, I expected the steak to be tough and difficult to chew, but it wasn't. It also packed a mouthful of flavour. Loved it.

Will definitely be back and I think everyone needs to try this. If you're looking for good food at affordable prices (which everyone should be doing), then do pop by iSteaks.

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A Hidden Gem

I was introduced to iSteaks by a friend of mine last weekend while I was on some business in Serangoon. We happened to pass-by this coffee shop beside myVillage, a shopping mall in Serangoon Garden I assume considering I rarely travel to Serangoon.

So eventually I realised that iSteaks actually resides in the coffee shop rather than the shopping mall which I thought incorrectly. The first thing I noticed is the atmosphere of the area, the place is filled with people which really surprised me considering its a coffee shop with only one stall, iSteaks. The second thing that shocked me rather than surprised me was the price, the set I bought was about $24 which includes sirloin steak, salad and baked potatoes. What I normally pay outside of iSteaks for my steak sets are only around $13 so I actually hesitated at first.

But the most shocking thing of all was how delightful and yummy the food actually tastes, I personally hated sirloin steak before I tried iSteaks and usually only have ribeye steaks. But iSteaks changed my tastebuds in that regard and I highly recommend iSteaks to steak and even non-steak lovers.

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