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Blk 306 Food Loft Woodlands Street 31
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Felicia Yeow
Listing created by Felicia Yeow on December 14, 2012    

Located at the corner of a coffee shop, it stands out from the other stalls with its classy design, and sells both Western and Japanese cuisine.

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Similar to Astons

Western stalls in some coffee shop have been revamped and one of the popular stalls (beside Astons) for western food goes to Collin’s Grille Bento. Quality Western Food for an affordable price sound attractive to me that nowadays, I patronized more western stalls in coffee shops instead of western restaurants in shopping mall. Not only it is affordable, the serving is really generous. For a pork chop set (W12), you get to have a medium size hot dog, a corn, pork chop, salad and even pasta! Totally worth it right. It cost $6.90 and there is not hidden GST too.

Recently, Collin’s changed their ordering system. (Kind of similar to Aston’s now) After you order, there would give you a pager which would vibrate when the food is ready. I just like this pager in coffee shop as I would roam around freely to the mini market etc. Likewise, Collin’s would come out with special promotions every month. Their special cost around $13.90 for a steak pasta set. I love how attractive this price gives me. Save so much of my money.

I’m kind of surprise that there is only one review despite it gaining popularity in the coffee shop.

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(Updated: December 14, 2012)

Amazing food

The two stalls which make up Collin’s Grille•Bento stand out from the other stalls with its unique design. It is furnished with bright red tables and chairs, and has overhanging lamps which emit a warm light, giving the place a classy feel, as if one is in a cafe instead of a coffee shop. Additionally, bright LCD screens show appetizing pictures of the food in the menu, which is enough to whet one's appetite. Each customer is also issued a beeper which beeps when their food is ready for collection.

I recommend the fish & chips and grilled chicken with spaghetti, both of which come in large portions yet only cost $5.50. I just ate the grilled chicken with spaghetti today and it was heavenly! The grilled chicken was juicy and tender with crispy skin, and was served up with aglio alio with diced garlic, basil and chilli, as well as a side of fresh salad. Everything remained piping hot throughout the meal, which doubled my enjoyment.

Since there are more customers during dinnertime, it is advisable to go in the afternoon, as waiting time is shorter and larger portions are given.

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