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#01-53, S99 Coffeeshop 212 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh Singapore 310212
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Listing created by shalene on April 09, 2012    

Located in Sin Thye Coffeeshop on Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Ocean Curry Fish Head (Toa Payoh) serves Chinese and Seafood cuisine.

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(Updated: April 14, 2012)

Best curry fish head ever

This was a place I frequently visited when I was younger because my parents were big fans of the curry fish head here. You could say I grew up eating the curry fish head from Ocean.

This coffeeshop is tucked in a corner amidst the housing/industrial estates, and it may be quite difficult to find this place, but those who have lived around the area for a long time should well be aware of this place. This place is usually very crowded on weekdays lunch time - evidently it attracts the office crowd. It might take you awhile to find a seat and it may also take awhile for your food to come especially on busy days. Apart from Ocean, there are other stalls in this coffeeshop as well, but they aren't popular and I'm surprised if they manage to survive for long seeing as how majority of the customers come here only to eat the curry fish head from Ocean.

I'd recommend the curry fish head, of course, and the sotong. I remember I used to fill my rice with curry gravy and my family and I would slurp every bit of the gravy up. They are also very generous with the size of their fish - rest assured that you won't be "shortchanged" in that aspect.

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Toa Payoh Lorong 8
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Don't forget the chicken wings!

Not exactly a fan of curry fishhead so I'm going to rave about their chicken wings! The fishhead curry does come with tons of okra and taukee though so that's pretty awesome.

But those chicken wings.. I guess it's not hard to make deep-fried food taste good, but they must have a special marinade. This is actually a mixed rice stall, and not a tze char so I usually just go and buy a couple of chicken wings (they sell only the middle portion) to munch on.

This is perhaps the most intimidating mixed rice stall as well. Ordering food scares me because most of them are smile-less and like most mixed rice stalls, they look at you like you're supposed to have everything in your life figured out by the time it is your turn. Picking what I want in my cai fan is a tough call okay? But all is forgiven when I see them drizzle curry sauce over my little box of styrofoam goodness filled with chicken wings, steamed egg and spicy shrimps.

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Chicken wings
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Better foods in Heartlands

Ocean Curry Fish head? Not just curry fish head but mix rice as well.

The location of my place makes this place a frequent go to for take away food. However, more often than not, my family patronises the mix vegetable and rice stall. They have a wide array of dishes which make the quality of the vegetable mix rice better than that of other stalls. In fact, I do have several dishes that I love myself - including the sweet and sour pork, stingray and more.

However, that being said, the prices are a little pricey depending on what you order. Even so, the food is one of the better ones that I've tasted in the small and humble vicinity of Toa Payoh!

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Best Curry Fish Head in town!

If you are looking for a place that serves really good curry fish head, search no more! Ocean Curry Fish Head is seriously one of the best that I have come across with. And their lady fingers is just so yummlicious! They have many other varieties of sides for you to mix and match with.

They have 2 outlets, one in Tao Payoh and another in a small coffee shop located opposite Amoy Hawker. The one opposite Amoy Hawker, is a must go place for any colleagues’ farewell lunches! The price is really affordable and value for money!

But the lunch time crowd is crazy and may need to wait quite a while to get a seat. But the aunties working there will all help to keep a look out for empty tables, especially if you go in big groups. I do see lots of people eating their mixed rice without the curry fish head too. And if they do not mind joining in the long queue for a plate of mixed rice, I suppose the food is really yummy thus worthwhile to queue.

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(Updated: August 08, 2012)

Totally worth it (applicable only to Fish head curry!)

If you're craving for some fish head curry, head down to Ocean Fish Head Curry (Ocean, for short)! Its curry, which is filled with many other things other than the fish head (lady-fingers, for one), has a texture that would make you want to drink the gravy as if it was water, and has the smell which would leave you drooling.

If you are indeed going for some, clear your stomachs so as to fill yourself up with the curry, the rice, the bread (well, if you could fit more stuff in there, go on!) and the fish head itself! The first thing that I eat off a cooked fish would be the eyes of it. What I hate is when the chefs overcook the fish and the eyes become mushy and revolting. However, the chefs at Ocean did a very good job in preparing my order.

If there's something good, there will be something bad. The bad thing is, the price. Well, the prices of the Fish Head Curry itself is quite affordable, but the mixed 'economic' rice is quite the contrary. I made the biggest mistake of my life in ordering the mixed rice, which cost me about $6 for what you could get for $2.50 at other mixed rice stalls.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this stall to my friends, but only for the curry as there's nothing special about the mixed rice stall (except it's prices!).

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Fish head curry!
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(Updated: June 08, 2012)

the curry fish head is definitely worth a try

Indeed, one of the best dishes at Ocean Curry Fish Head is the curry fish head itself. Do not be deceived into thinking that this is another zi char stall, as it is not, but it is a mixed rice stall instead.

I was quite surprised to see that all the dishes were already pre-prepared as I had not expected it to be a mixed rice stall. However, the curry fish head is cooked freshly, and comes out piping hot in a big clay pot. The fish meat is soft and the curry is not very spicy. Although the dishes were already cold, the food was still tasty, and the fried calamari and pork chop are worth trying.

The location at Toa Payoh is rather inaccessible though, as few buses reach there and it is quite a distance from the nearest train station that is Braddell. Although it was already late when my friends and I reached, about 8pm, and many side dishes were already sold out, the curry fish head was still available. They do provide reservations, but there is little need to do so.

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Toa Payoh
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