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302 Tiong Bahru Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 29, 2012    

They prepare their food in small batches and their dimsum is prepared under stringent control where they produce mouthwatering, quality fare for their consumers. 


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(Updated: May 17, 2013)

Go for the dim sums

Like many other reviewers below me, I also felt that the paus did not fare as well as their other dim sum like Siew Mai (steamed pork dumplings) and Har Gau (steamed prawn dumplngs). The pau was nothing impressive. Slightly better than Tiong Bahru pau but still it does not qualify as an exceptional pau. The siew mai was excellent though! Meaty filling without the meat smell that everyone dislikes. The har gau had a thin skin and there were prawns in it. Not just seasoned meat with minced prawns... ahem Tiong Bahru pau... *coughs*

The service from the aunties were not pleasant. Definitely much room for improvement. They would just hurry you with the orders and do not say Thank You. I understand if it is crowded but they are also like that when it is not crowded. Probably just impatient. *shrugs* They can give you a black face if they are not feeling happy... If you are also in a bad mood, avoid the place! Otherwise, it is worth a visit for their dim sums.

Maybce they should consider changing their name to Teck Kee Dim Sum.

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Nice char siew pau

I liked the char siew pau from Teck Kee. Normally, when I buy, I would buy twenty and keep them in the fridge for next day breakfast. The size of the pau was small and I was able to finish one in two mouthfuls if I was rushing for time. I would usually take five pau as my breakfast. Between my wife and me, twenty pau could only last us for two breakfasts.

My children like the siew mai there and they could easily finish two or three at one go so I would also buy ten of these. Considering these were only snacks, I considered spending close to twenty dollars a bit expensive but still good food would keep me coming back.

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Not pau, but dim sum maybe

While their forte is meant to be pau, I think their dim sum's standards have far exceeded that of the pau. A few years ago, the pau and dim sum were actually of high standards. However, ever since they became more commercialised, the paus have started to feel like those found in chilled packets at supermarkets, and are cheap and somehow similarly priced to them.

On a bright note, the har gau and siew mai were quite nice, almost comparable to that of lower-end restaurants, though nothing near some other pau shops that also herald from its time.

Service is also terrible, the staff who served me treated me as if I was an eyesore and had a very rude tone. Unless you are really hungry for pau or dim sum, its better to find an alternative snack.

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Best char siew paus in Singapore

Welcome to the best char siew paus in Singapore! It is no wonder Teck Kee Pau has been in operation for such a long time - with the standard and quality of the food they serve, they will surely be around for many years to come.

I always buy Teck Kee's char siew paus as often as I can, as they make for a good light snack during tea breaks, or whenever you are feeling peckish. The char siew always tastes fresh and isn't too salty, while the bread is soft and springy.

Besides the char siew paus, you can also try their ma lai ko, which is also pretty decent although it might be a little too plain for some people.

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Tea break time!

This place is definitely one of the most famous places to have pau, something like a round-shaped bread with fillings. However, to me, I do not find this place very outstanding. The paus are rather ordinary, with the usual char siew pao or tao sa pao. Compared to the paus that I have tried in Hong Kong, these paus have no standard at all.

However, this place sells a variety of items like glutinous rice and other types of paus. This can possibly be a place to consider if you are looking for something simple and filling as tea break. But I would definitely not recommend this place if you are looking for good food.

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A pau to eat!

This pau is a favorite of my aunt's, everytime she comes in from malaysia, she never fails to buy a few boxes for us to eat, even though we stay in singapore.

Their paus are really different from those manufactured ones, the meat filling can be discerned into meat portions and not just a huge ball of unidentifiable meat. The meat is also soft and not too salty which goes really well with the soft and fluffy pau skin. They also sell an array of other dimsum items for people to take away.

This pau chain is rather popular amongst us, many take away their different paus to have for their tea or breakfast. Though i feel they are a tad small for the price.

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