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389 Guillemard Road Singapore
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Listing created by jaychew on November 05, 2012    

One of the best and perhaps smallest Paus out there.


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Best when hot

The char siew pau from this stall will taste best when hot. I always had a conflict when eating this pau. I knew it is best to eat when hot but when hot, I could not put the whole pau into my mouth, I needed to take smaller bites so as not to burn myself.

To resolve this conflict, I would always buy a lot of the paus. I would eat may be two when I was still around the stall when the pau was hot. I would bring the rest back home to eat. When I reached home, I would put the whole pau into my mouth and start chewing, it was a good feeling to be able to eat a pau in one bite.

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I should start keeping count..

These paus are exceptionally small. Every bite-sized pau is packed with filling and I find that there is actually very little bun. The handmade nature of these paus mean that every one of them look slightly different, and sometimes the filling might even show through. They are sweet and fluffy and very easy to eat. Just pop one into your mouth and keep on popping. I always end up eating more than I should. Too many times have I looked down and discovered the box empty, much to my horror.

Some might lament the fact that the meat is lean, but I for one do not. But, I think the option to include some fatty pork in the pau would be good too, to cater to more people.

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

Little white gems

Mention char siew pau and the image you probably will visualize is an average sized puffed up white bun with red char siew in side. At tanjong rhu pau, the char siew pau is small, and the bun's skin is smooth and not overly thick, while the filling is rich with meat and sauce, they are really little pieces of heaven in every bite.

The big pau which is filled with tender and tasty meat is also not to be missed, and it is almost as good as the char siew paus. What I enjoy most however, is the siew mai, which is not your regular meat paste dim sum, but the pork is chunky and more tasty, and the yellow skin does not have the amino acid taste as in normal yellow skins.

If visitng the geylang branch, do check out the other fried dim sum choices such as yam puff, as well as the mango pudding, which are restaurant quality and very good. Do be prepared for a wait when ordering, as service can be a tad slow. Also, those looking to try the siew mai should go early, for it usually sells out fast.

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Superb char siew paus

I am not a fan of char siew paus. But when my dad bought a few home for snacks, I decided to give it a try. After all, the bun is pretty small. In fact, really small. You can even finish it in a single bite.

When I peeled open the pau, the fillings started falling out. The sweet yet savory meat was soft yet not too fatty. The bun was soft and had a good texture. Because we brought ours back, it was left in the open for about an hour before we started eating them, they were no longer hot. I am sure that it will taste better when taken hot.

Would certainly head back for more paus and also, to try out their other dim sum.

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(Updated: November 23, 2012)

Famous for Char Siew Pau

The Char Siew Paus in this place are very well known and I would say, worth the rave reviews from people. They are delivered to you steaming hot and packed with juicy and savoury meat fillings of bite-sized portions, providing a pleasant snacking experience. What sets their Char Siew Paus apart from others would be their use of very lean pork meat, which is rarely found in other places selling Pau.

Tanjong Rhu Pau strikes a good balance between taste and health, although it would be really great to see them enlarge the size of their Paus. Overall, this place is highly recommended as their Paus would surely leave you gasping for more.

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You mean mini pau?

Too small Their buns are too small.
But, their fillings are very nice and up to standard, this totally gives other pau manufacturers a run for their money. Here, if you ask for the standard paus, they come mini, and their large paus come the size of a standard pau you can find outside. Well, good thing come in small packages.

My favourite would be their meat pau. Filled with succulent, tender and juicy meat, one bite into it would leave you wanting for more. The pau is not like the others, you can discern the meat into real pieces, and not the usual one big suspicious chunk. Beware of hot juices squirting out whenever you bite into one! This one is highly recommended.

They also do serve a variety of other dim sum but i would recommend you to try their pau first.

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My dad only loves having pau from this place and for a long while, the only pau that I had was from that very place. I would have them for breakfast every morning before I go to school and I would vaguely remember that we would fight over which ones to have because my dad would always buy flavours in limited quantities and every morning breakfast would end up becoming a negotiation session. Kind of intellectual for the morning brain I must say.

Although all of the paus are good, I personally prefer the authentic cha siew paus the most. Most of the paus are very small in size, and although bite-sized paus are good because they are easy to chew, they are hardly filling and we have to eat a few to be full. Tasty and almost as delicious as when they are freshly made, these paus are easy to keep and make hot, and are ideal for the daily snack especially when one does not want to consume in excess. I heard the place is not the most accessible and the paus are always made in limited quantities ( a few years back). Speaking of which, I have not had one of these in a long time!

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You won't be satisfied with just one!

These Paus are notorious for their size. For a general idea, the Da Bao is the akin of a regular-sized Pau while the Char Siew Pau is like a mini Pau (you can finish it in one bite!). Despite their size, these Pau packs loads of savoury goodness. To me, Tanjong Rhu is one of the best Paus out there in Singapore. Although pricey as you will be paying more for less (quite literally), the quality justifies that. The skin and meat were near perfect and very consistent. You will almost certainly want to have seconds or even hundreds. I can easily gobble down a dozen Char Siew Paus and it will feel only like a snack.

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