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#01-53 Old Airport Road Food Centre 51 Old Airport Road Singapore 390051
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Listing created by jaychew on October 29, 2012    

An award-winning & popular hawker stall selling "Western Food" at Old Airport Road Market & Food Centre.

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Does not live up to awards displayed

I've been eating at this stall for years, trust me. Ever since I moved near to the hawker, this stall WAS my go-to stall for a couple of years. However, in the recent years, the food standard has dropped really really badly.

Their chicken cutlet's batter was too thick, and too fatty.
Their chicken chop is way too tough, but the garlic sauce is really good imo.
Their fries are average, but soaked in the garlic sauce is not too bad.

Their food has increased prices as well, which made me not wanna visit them anymore unless the queue is short. Still you could try it, it's semi-decent i guess.

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Over-hyped stall serving average food.

I'd passed by this stall many times before on my many jaunts to Old Airport Road Food Centre, so when I ordered here for the first time, I was expecting something good.

Unfortunately I think the stall is perhaps living on it's former glories. I ordered the Lamb Chops, which set me back by about $8, and I think I got served with 3 skinny pieces of lamb with more bone on them than meat. The sauce was obviously old, judging from the lack of flavour and the slightly stale taste of it.

I found that their fries were hard, suggesting that they'd been re-fried over and over again. This is hardly the kinda food I'd expect from a stall which displays so many awards.

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Misleading Awards

You would think that you wouldn't be disappointed with all the awards pasted in front of the store. Well unfortunately, this store doesn't live up to its laurels. I ordered the fish and chip while my friend had the Pork Chop. According to him, the pork chop had hardly any fighting chance against your run-off-the-mill restaurants. As for the case for my fish and chip, it was just horrid. The batter was way too thick, so much that I forgot I was actually eating fish to begin with. I had to drown my meal with mayonnaise. That was how bad it was. Would not recommend.

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