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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 05, 2012    

Kampong Chai Chee Restaurant, established in 1988, is a brand name that is associated with quality halal seafood prepared in truly Asian culinary styles. Formerly at Tampines Telepark, we are now located at 303 Changi Road, a premise that offers a perfect meeting ground for Muslim and non-Muslim customers to enjoy local food in a relaxed atmosphere. We have maintained our traditional "Zhi Char" style with our own unique touch of Kampong Chai Chee Restaurant flavour that is recognised by many customers. The first restaurant at 303 Changi Road is located along a row of old-style shop houses that brings back memories of old Singapore. The indoor dining room is cosily furnished and is ideal for private or company functions. Alfresco dining in the evening gives an air of relaxed “kampong” Singapore.

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1130 am – 12am
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The servings are shrinking

I have been eating at this restaurant for many, many years and I must say that I have enjoyed their food very much.

I love their chicken rice, especially the steamed chicken. The fried baby squids, the baby kalian and later when I started loving crabs, their chili crabs. Price-wise not the cheapest but good quality.

Nowadays, the food is still quite good except I cannot help but notice that the serving sizes are shrinking. It's subjective but I really can't help but noticing that $50 used to buy us a feast there, but could barely move beyond starters nowadays.

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(Updated: February 21, 2013)

Seafood at night

My family and I have been the restaurant’s regular customers for the last 10 years and it feels like my second home. The fact that they sell quality halal seafood has been the magnet in attracting a lot of regular and new customers, muslims and non-muslims alike.

It has both an indoor and outdoor concepts but my family personally liked to indulge our food outside the restaurant and enjoy the cold night breeze. We would usually order their spicy tom yum soup, huge and crunchy nestum prawns, savory hot plate taufu and their delicious sambal kangkong to eat with just plain rice. They were best eaten with plain rice so that we could taste all the different exquisite flavours of each dish without any interfering seasoning or spice from the rice.

The chilli crab may be quite expensive but it was worth a try as halal chilli crab was hard to come by. The service provided was excellent and the staff there were very friendly and helpful. It could get a bit crowded especially at night so it is better to somehow ‘chope' your seats first like any other kiasu Singaporeans would, including me.

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Great Chicken Rice

While I'm fully aware that this is a seafood restaurant, I simply cannot get enough of their chicken rice. The rice and chicken are standard, normal and nothing to write home about. The chilli however, the chilli is very spicy and sour and is an absolute joy. If you can't take spicy food however, I wouldn't recommend you get it.

Now on to their seafood offerings, in the number of times I've dined there, the seafood has never been a disappointment. Although if I was truly honest, I'd be hard pressed to distinguish the seafood offerings at Kampong Chai Chee, when compared to other places.

It is Halal though, and since there are not that many Halal seafood restaurants, this automatically places Kampong Chai Chee as one of those places I'd recommend.

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Love the lemon chicken and chilli crab!

Who says that you could only enjoy good feast in a restaurant with such a high price? You definitely should come and visit the Kampong Chai Chee Restaurant which is located just nearby Kembangan MRT. 

A wide selection of local fares are served and the ones that I fancy would include the chilli crab, hot plate beef in oyster sauce, and definitely their lemon chicken. 
For each of the dishes, you could choose the size and the servings. The chilli crab would range from $25 which the smallest portion to around $80-$90 for the biggest portion. The chilli sauce is so much, covering the crab. The crab meat is tender and juicy and you should definitely dip those meat in the chilli sauce. 

Meanwhile, the hot plate beef is above average. The beef are tender and not too rubbery. Very fragrant with a touch of leek. The sauce is very nice and has a touch of spiciness. It ranges from $12-$22 based on the portion.

As for the lemon chicken, it is like everyone's favorite dish. The chicken meat has been pre cut topped with fresh lemon sauce. You can taste the juiciness and sweetness of the chicken added on with the sourness of the lemon sauce. It ranges from $10-$15 based on the portion. 

Overall, it is a new dining experience in here. It is a great place for family dining ( or in large groups) 

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Lemon chicken and chilli crab
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A great treat

Coming from a very close-knit family, we always make it a point to celebrate birthdays or just gatherings and Chai Chee restaurant has been a constant on the list. I always leave the restaurant feeling full and mostly, contented. The food, deliciously cooked, especially its chilli crab, which is a must try. Seafood cooked without leaving a fishy stench is rather difficult to get but they had managed to do that splendidly, be it squid, prawn, crabs or fishes themselves.

A wide range of menu to choose from, including desserts, side dishes to compliment the main course or even a la carte. Not just their seafood but i'd also recommend their main dishes like fried rice or noodles, whether dried or soup based.

My only concern with this restaurant was a minor setback i had experienced.

I had gone there for lunch instead of the usual dinners we've had and was told that many dishes in the menu were not for order. The reason being that the usual chef was not around. Hence we had to substitute chilli crab with black peppered ones and swop around the rest. since we had been there before and were generally very pleased, we decided to just stick to it but found it rather disappointing. The quality was not the same and mostly, we were rather disappointed as nothing met our expectations in the least bit. We made do with what we got rather than enjoyed what was served.

Other than that i'd definitely recommend it to friends and families, with fingers crossed that the same would not happen.

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Best Halal Seafood!

I was introduced by a friend of this place which is situated along Changi Road. It serves halal seafood and it is a great place to have lunch and dinner. Usually this place is mostly patronized by families and also companies who are going for a gathering.

I love seafood very much. But this is my first time tasting a real good seafood. They have crabs (stone crabs and Alaskan king crabs), tiger prawns, squids, various types of fish, beef and chicken and also vegetables such as sambal kangkong and hotplate beancurd.

The price is good too. I have spent the most about $90 which includes two rice, sambal squid, sambal belacan kang kong, hot plate bean curd, Chilli crabs (all of which are small servings) and two iced lychee drinks. It's quite a great deal with a very authentic taste. I really like the Chilli crabs. For a small serving, it costs $35. But the crabs are huge, not those small ones. The gravy made is very generous with scrambled eggs being mixed and cooked in it.

The staffs are very attentive. The whole setting is an indoor and outdoor concept. When you need to request for something, they will always be there.

Two A's! Authentic and Affordable!

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Best Part:
Chilli Crabs
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Chai Chee
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