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Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee is the most accessible. Located in a small coffee shop just opposite Kallang MRT station. It's closed on Tuesdays.

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Flavourful soup and fresh prawns

I was first brought here by my mum, who raved that it was much better than the Blanco Court Prawn Mee just beside Haji Lane.

I usually order mine with thin beehoon and soup, without the pork ribs. The prawns were really fresh and succulent. But what really won me over was the rich flavour of the soup, which left me wanting more after I slurped down the entire bowl, leaving me with just beehoon to eat.

I only wish it was opened for dinner too.

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Tasty prawn noodles

The prawn noodle sold here was honestly one of the better ones I’ve tried before so far. The soup was so incredibly rich, and I love both the prawn noodle with pork ribs and the ones with gigantic prawns. I’ve been visiting this place for prawn noodles since young, so I have pretty much grown accustomed to the environment and the food served there. The soup is so thick and flavorful, and the well cooked pork ribs go very well with it. Likewise for the gigantic prawns, it’s so tasty!!

It’s well hidden but even so, the great tasting prawn noodle makes the effort to find the stall all the more worth it! Best if you complement it with a glass of lemonade juice!

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average only

I've heard a lot about this prawn noodle store and being an avid prawn noodle fan, I decided to drop by here to try it. My favorite prawn noodle is still the prawn noodle at Beach Road. You can do a search for 'Beach Road Prawn Noodle House' to read more about it. Back to topic, I was quite disappointed with this bowl of prawn noodles. I felt that it was only average, something that I could probably get from a random prawn noodle store in a hawker centre.

Soup was alright, I could only taste a mild prawn taste. And I agree with what the reviewer below me has mentioned about the 'porky' smell. It wasn't very pleasant. I should have just ordered the noodles without pork ribs! The noodle wasn't hot enough as well. My sister also commented that the chilli wasn't spicy enough for her. So if you are a mild chilli eater, it might be right up your alley. But if you are looking for more spice, I suggest you look at somewhere else.

I really like the 'ngoh hiang' though! It is crispy and nice, meat was Q as well. If I ever go back there, I would only patronize the ngoh hiang stall and go back to Beach Road for my prawn noodles.

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What really shines

This shop's prawn noodles is a façade of what really matters. The prawns are not the freshest or best I have seen, the pork ribs have a strong 'porky' smell and the soup is far off from good. Perhaps what gives this prawn mee shop its business is that small stall selling ngoh hiang.

The crisp prawn crackers and fragrant ngoh hiang rolls sold by that small stall is just pure gold when eaten with the pork ribs noodles, the crackers go really well with the soup. The ngoh hiang comes with an intriguing pink sweet sauce, which is really different compared to shops who only offer peanuts chilli sauce. This allows non-spicy food lovers to have sauce to go with their ngoh hiang, and coupled with warm noodle soup, is just right for that weekend morning.

It could get really warm here, so it is best advised to come in the morning where it is cooler. I also advise those who are really uncomfortable to eat in a fly filled environment to sit further from the back alley, which is fly infested.

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Sunday Mornings with you

This place holds an especially sentimental spot in my heart as compared to many other food places out there. Every Sunday morning, my boyfriend and I would go specially to have our weekly fix on this prawn mee. Not only has it become one of our favourite food, it has also became part of our life, something that we would really look forward to. Spending some time together every weekend with a bubbling bowl of prawn mee, simply perfect.

I first came to know about this place from my father actually who would bring the family here once in a blue moon due to the crowd. Being far out in the east it was also difficult to travel all the way for just a bowl of prawn noodles. Nonetheless, call me crazy, but i absolutely adore this place because the quality of the prawn mee does not depreciate or vary with every bowl. It is kept standard, and the thickness of the soup is simply to die for.

I would highly recommend this place, despite its non-air conditioned location, I am sure the trade off for sitting in the hot sun eating would be worth the bowl of noodles.

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Oomph, need more soup!!!

Hidden from the public, this humble looking establishment has more than it meets the eye. Located off Geylang Road, this prawn noodle stall sells probably one of the most delicious prawn noodles in town. That place is also shared with a five spices stall which serves as a complementary meal if you want a variety.

They sell a few variety of prawn noodle, so you can have the option of having the noodle with pork ribs or gigantic prawns. I ordered their prawn noodle with pork ribs set ($5). First of all, their soup is simply great. It is very rich and flavourful and you cannot help but finish every drop of it. For those who prefer the dry version, their chilli in the noodle is not strong enough bring out the flavour. Their pork ribs just melts in your mouth and I can tell that it has been cooked for a long time for it to be that soft. Simply delicious

In conclusion, recommended for the occasional meal simply because it is very delicious but at the same time expensive.

Very delicous

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Prawn Noodle Soup
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