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You Huak Sembawang White Beehoon

You Huak Sembawang White Beehoon Hot

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You Huak Restaurant 22 Jalan Tampang 758966
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Listing created by SnoopyBlues on October 09, 2012    

This shop is located opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre and it is closed on every Wednesday. It is famous for the White Beehoon.

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Beehoon that will make you swoon

Ah, beehoon. We love it in all its forms, whether soupy, fried, or steamed. Two decades ago, this beloved staple was given a new spin by White Restaurant, and till this day White Beehoon remains one of our many local favourites.

Doused in a thick broth that’s almost gravy-like, the dish is heaped with a generous serving of prawns, squid, and clams. It has neither the fishy smell of seafood, nor does it taste overpoweringly peppery. The best of all, it doesn’t leave you thirsty after you’ve licked the plate clean - a rare feat in a world of MSG.

The noodles also have just the right amount of springiness, and if the prawns used were fresh instead of frozen, this dish would be absolutely perfect. That said, it’s no wonder White Restaurant remains the undefeated champion of its kind.

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(Updated: February 24, 2014)

Surprisingly tasty beehoon!

"Beehoon? Are you sure beehoon can taste so good, isn't beehoon just beehoon?" This is what must be going through your mind when you are reading this review. But trust me, You Huak's white beehoon really leaves you wanting for more!

The white beehoon here is indeed white and not like the normal brown beehoon that you see at nasi lemak or zicha stalls. At the first look, it looks like a normal plate of hokkien mee but instead of the yellow noodles, you get white bee hoon with thick broth. However, upon closer look, it is actually quite huge a portion and filled with many ingredients, such as vegetables, squids and prawns. When paired with belachan chilli, it is a dish to be savoured! Afraid that the chilli might be too spicy for your tastebuds? Fret not, just order their refreshing ai yu to go along! Also, another dish that is a must order would be their prawn rolls, which are crunchy yet not oily. In fact, if not for the fact that I was sharing with my friends, I might have finished the whole plate of prawn rolls on my own!

However, the queues can get a little crazy during evenings and you may have to wait up to 1.5 hours just to get a seat. It would be advisable to go earlier and perhaps on weekdays if you want to avoid the crowd. It is worth the try though so if you are around that area, do pop by and try their famous white beehoon!

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unique fried bee hoon

I haven't been to the outlet itself but my parents do go there often to take away the bee hoon and prawn rolls back home for my sisters and I. White bee hoon is not commonly seen outside, which makes this place even more popular for foodies. The location is quite far for me and that's why I haven't been there personally to have it.

My first thought of the bee hoon was that it has a great smell! The bee hoonportion that my parents took home costs $10. It might seem pricey to pay $10 for bee hoon but the portion is really huge. It can feed up to 4. It has seafood in it and the bee hoon has absorbed a whole lot of flavorful stock. The prawn rolls serve as a great side dish to the bee hoon. The bee hoon is soft but it is not broken and all over the place. The bee hoon still holds itself well. I am guessing it's not easy to cook as the nature of bee hoon is so fragile. I f I could have this more often, I would. But too bad it isn't very accessible to me and my parents only go there once in a while. I wish I could have more if it though. It is simple and addictive. If you are around that area, this is a definite must-try!!!!

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White and delicious!

The shop name tells it all. White bee Hoon it is - its signature dish. Basically, it is a dish of 'beeHoon' cooked in thick broth. It somewhat tastes like our regular plate of Fried Hokkien Prawn noodle, less the yellow noodle. Do not be deceived by its dull and pale appearance. One mouth is all it takes to get you digging in for more. The belachan chilli sauce further complements the dish. Another must-order dish is their fried 'hei-cho' (prawn roll) which is deep fried but yet doesn't feel too oily. However, it is quite expensive, like 8-10 pieces at $12 or something.

Dining in at the shop itself is quite a chore. The seats are limited and there is usually a long queue. I will usually call to order, go get the food and bring it home to savour it. It tastes even better as by then, the beehoon would have further soaked in the thick broth. Slurps!

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Unique white bee hoon

I came to know about You Huak Sembawang White Beehoon from some friends and decided to bring my family to try. We were warned that we would have to queue during dinner time, especially on weekends. Hence, my family and I decided to go early. When we reached at about 5pm, there was already a long queue. It was a painful 1 hour wait before we were led to our table and served with food. Their signature white bee hoon is not what I expected. I thought that it was fried bee hoon. But no. You Huak Sembawang's White Beehoon was somewhat like horfun style with egg sauce. It is special I would say. The first few mouths felt quite blend and tasteless but the dish really grows on to you after awhile.

We were recommended the chicken wings, which I felt weren't good. The chicken wings were small and had very little meat. The meat was dry and tasteless.

Overall, I thought that the food was pretty good and very very affordable. However, if we had to queue 1 hour each time before eating, I'd rather not. I would probably go during lunch time or weekdays when there is no crowd

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Quite Special

I came to know about this place because of a friend, she stays nearby and whenever she had family gatherings, her family will go there and have dinner. So, one of my family gatherings, I brought my parents there and try their well-known dish: White Beehoon. It is literally ‘white beehoon’.

The first time I go, my feeling for that place is new and interesting, but after I have been there many times, I feel that there is nothing special. Simple dish like sweet and sour pork is not tasty, the pork is hard and the sweet and sour sauce is not nicely done as well. Do not drive there because parking space is hard to find, so maybe you can take the shuttle bus that is provided by Sembawang Shopping Centre, and just cross the road over to You Huak Sembawang White Beehoon.

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