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block 85 Bedok North Road Singapore 460085
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Listing created by Clazzified on September 25, 2012    
A famous Bah Chor Mee in Bedok 85 that has won numerous awards from  television programs like Yummy King.

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I beg to differ

Having stayed in bedok for nearly 35 years, I have seen good food stalls come and go. In general, bedok area has one of the better food and better value for food in singapore. Look at the general population and their shapes & sizes in bedok and you see what i mean.

Saying the blk 85 minced pork noddles stalls is the best may not do justice to the other stalls in bedok who sell similiar noodles and yet taste just as good. The only difference is that the stalls at blk 85 cater to evening and late night crowd who happen to the young and mid 30s to early 40s whose night are still young for them. Frankly what is so fantastic about a soup that is rather oily, quite salty and has more pork meat balls than minced pork? In fact all the stalls in blk 85 adopt the same formula of using meat balls.

If you wish to explore around, the minced pork noddles sold in the morning may taste as good. Try the blk 58 food market in the last row before the wet market and u certainly see a long queue for the soup minced pork noodles (avg waiting time: 25-40 minutes on weekends). Alternatively blk 216 has a chai chee minced pork noodles where the queue is rather long as well in the morning as well.

My $0.02 opinion.

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(Updated: September 25, 2012)

A worthwhile trip!

You can't just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. Rumour has it that Bedok 85 is the place where you can find lots of good food. It's true! According to what I know, Bedok 85 operates in the evening till late night. This is the ideal place to have dinner and supper. Now, let me introduce to you the most famous minced meat noodles or better known Bah Chor Mee in dialect in Bedok 85. There are a total of 3 stalls in Bedok 85. All 3 stalls are equally good but if you want to taste the original goodness, try the stall which started the fame all over Singapore that's right at the back.

All 3 Bah Chor Mee stalls are only served in soup form, it is best not to order a dry Bah Chor Mee with more chili; i know the owners are quite persistent about it. So for those who likes dry Bah Chor Mee, not to worry! The soup Bah Chor Mee is made to satisfy your appetite no matter what. You will first notice the noodle topped with generous servings of minced meat, crispy onions and chewy meatballs when served. Those minced meat are incredibly tender and shredded that you probably drink along with the soup down your throat but remember to save it for the last. Right after will be the noodles, it has a very smooth and springy texture that you will love.

This is indeed the best minced meat noodles in Bedok. It is certainly worthwhile making a trip down. Oh, I almost forget! Always remember to ask for more Bah Chor!

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