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#01-02 / Adam Road Food Centre 2 Adam Road Singapore 289876
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Listing created by Iswariya on September 20, 2012    

This must be one of the best Nasi Lemak in Singapore! With people from all over the island and even from Malaysia queuing up at No. 2, Adam Rd all day long. What distinguishes Selera Rasa from the other nasi lemak stalls around Singapore is their use of basmati rice, a superior grade of rice which has a significantly finer consistency and whose grains do not stick together. In addition, the special rice has the distinctive fragrance and irresistable flavour of coconut milk and pandan leaves and is well complemented by the savory sambal tumis. It is not unheard of for customers to ask the friendly service staff for extra helpings of their sambal. 


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Nasi lemak so good, it’s fit for royalty

Everyone loves Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak, even the Sultan of Brunei. Royalty or not, this nasi lemak is delicious.

What sets this stall apart from the rest is their rice and chili, which are what I feel are the cornerstones of any nasi lemak. I could eat just Selera Rasa’s rice and chili alone and still be thoroughly satisfied. They use basmati, a superior grade of rice from India, and the end result is fluffy fragrant rice flavoured by coconut milk and pandan leaves. The rice is complemented with the sambal, which is sweet and not too spicy, suitable for people who can’t take spicy food. The fried chicken too is worth mentioning. Fried to perfection, it is crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside, the trademarks of any good fried chicken.

How often does one get to eat a meal fit for a king? If you haven’t tried Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak, you’re dearly missing out!

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I hate the queue....

I really have no idea what the fuss is about. To begin with, a stall with a long queue puts me off when I am hungry. So, best visit this stall when a) you are not hungry b) you have plenty of time to spare.

I am ok with the rice. They use basmati rice so it is not too starchy and is pretty light and fragrant. I enjoy their begedil though I find them a little too small for my liking for the price. But the main thing that sways me away from this stall is the sambal.

I find the sambal to be common tasting. It just lacks that x-factor that would make me give the thumbs up to the stall and perhaps decide to join the queue despite being hungry.

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Jack of all Nasi Lemak

For this stall, the dragon length queues do not lie, for the food is simply first rate. I like the rice due to its fragrance and fluffiness while not being mushy, a special trait of the unique basmati rice used to cook the nasi lemak.

I always order the royal flush set, which has what i explicitly enjoy the most, the begedil(potato patty). It is soft, tasty and not too oily.

Despite the good food, service is rather slow, resulting in extremely long queues and waiting times. To skip the queue at Adam road, I sometimes go to their lesser known branch at Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. The tip top nasi lemak of this shop always beckons me to go back for more.

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Ang Mo Kio Ave 5
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clearly stands our head and shoulders above the rest.

A queue for the ENTIRETY of it's opening hours. WOW!

this is the first and only stall I am eating Nasi Lemak made with basmati rice! The basmati rice gives it a lighter texture, better flavour and the grains are beautifully separated. The overall effect is that your food has a more pleasant fragrance and that it is smoother and easier to go down. The sambal here is also spicy and tingly, and most importantly, mixes well with the food.

Their service is fast and efficient, with great value in their set meals. I would rate this higher than the Changi Village nasi lemak.

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In spite of the hype, still good, but only by the sum of its parts

Too much is being made of this nasi lemak. I ventured to taste because my curiousity was piqued by rumors that the Sultan of Brunei has the number to this stall on speed dial, and that he has a fresh packet flown in for him. Presuming the rumors are true, I was curious mostly because a nasi lemak that can survive a two hour flight might be worth the queue.

I had what they called the "Royal Rumble" - an egg sunny side up, fried chicken wing, otah (flat, roasted strip of fish paste), begedil (potato cutlet), fried fish and ikan bilis (dried anchovies).

It was delicious, but not mind-blowingly so. It is good by virtue of its accompaniments (all average on their own by the way); surely combining all of them would flood your mouth with flavor, and that's the point of this I assume. But if you're absolutely discerning when it comes to hawker fare, know that the aromatic, even-textured basmati rice cut really well with the distinctly sweet sambal.

If you don't like queueing and are easily satisfied, I suspect you'd just as well enjoy a decent nasi lemak near your home accompanied by the aforementioned fixins. But if you must sate your curiosity, come on a weekday at around 4pm. The queue is short, and parking spots are plenty.

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What separates Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak from others? Hospitality and most importantly, taste. I have no idea how many plates of nasi lemak this places sells, but all I can say is that they have a queue at least ten humans long throughout the WHOLE DAY.

This goes down as my absolute favourite Nasi Lemak Stall in Singapore. Although I stay in the east, it is totally no issue heading all the way there to me. The food is worth it. I absolutely love the texture of the rice here, and please dont mention the really tasty chicken and perfect sambal. I have simply too much to talk about this place. You wont know until you try it.

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Nasi lemak please
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Adam Road food centre
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