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Listing created by Iswariya on September 19, 2012    

Prominently located opposite Novena Church along Thomson Road, Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice has been offering authentic Hainanese chicken rice to diners for about 2 decades. Wee Nam Kee originated as a chicken rice speciality shop but soon evolved over time to become a family restaurant offering a broad range of authentic Hainanese-styled dishes to complement their best-selling chicken rice.

The quality in their ingredients, the authenticity of their preparations and the size of their portions have been the reasons why customers keep coming back to Wee Nam Kee over the years. This family restaurant looks set to serve Singaporeans with another 20 years of top quality and ever-tasty chicken rice. 

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tasty chicken rice

I first tasted the famed Wee Nam Kee chicken rice when my CCA chairperson bought us packed dinner for one of our intensive practices leading up to SYF. I was really excited to try it and also very touched that she would make the effort to treat us all to such a delicacy. Hence, this chicken rice brings back a lot of memories for me and all my batchmates.

Even though we ate it while it wasn't that hot anymore, it still tasted delicious. The chicken was smooth, succulent and full of flavour. The rice was also very fragrant and my favourite part of chicken rice, the chili, had a slightly different taste from those of other stalls. Home-made, it is also more spicey, giving you that 'kick'.

Well, I can't be sure if we were all ravenous or if it was really that good, but this is definitely worth a try!

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average over-rated chicken rice

Chicken rice is an essential that makes up every Singaporean's diet. Ask a Singaporean for a good chicken rice place and many would tell you almost immediately. Some people love this place for their chicken rice fix but I wasn't too impressed with this place.

This place is over-rated and overly crowded. Like the reviewer below me has mentioned, it is hard to get tables but being so eager to try the chicken rice, I did waited for a while before I got my table. Service was bad, the waiters and waitresses are not attentive and seem to not acknowledge your presence. Service aside, the food wasn't great as well. Maybe because of my raised expectations, but the chicken rice was nothing like I've thought it to be.

The chicken was alright. Average standard. I could get such a standard from coffee shops anywhere else. The rice wasn't separated nicely. I found some lumpy rice and I really hate lumpy rice. I saw that they have other Hainanese cuisine as well but I doubt I would be back to try soon seeing the marked up prices, difficult parking and bad service.

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Not easy to get table

I remembered there was once when my family went to TTSH to visit a relative and after that we decided to have dinner around that area. I heard of this place and thought the short walk would be a good way to work out an appetite.

When we reached the shop, it must be over 8pm already but the shop was still very crowded. The staff was working as fast as they could to clear the tables to let more customers have a table. Because of this, I found that the tables were not very clean because the staff only briefly brushed away the leftover food on the table and gave the table a quick wipe. I appreciated their effort to clear the tables fast but I would not mind waiting a little longer for them to clean the tables properly before letting the next customers use the tables.

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More about hainanese cuisine than chicken rice

This shop is similar to the famous hainanese chicken rice stalls at beach road/purvis street that sell chicken rice but also specialise in other Hainanese cuisine. I feel that the chicken rice is not as excellent as it is termed to be, although the chicken is unquestionably fresh, tender, succulent and juicy. My favourite chicken rice condiment, the seasoned ginger is also made by them, but it is only of average standard compared to that of some other shops.

What I enjoy more at this shop is their Hainanese cuisine such as the Hainanese pork chop, and I feel that is as good as that of other famous Hainanese cuisine sellers such as Chin Chin Chicken rice.

The service is only decent at best, and it is not uncommon to experience the staff being moody when taking your order and serving you. I also feel that the prices are not very economical, and a word of advice when going to Wee Nam Kee is to not go during lunchtime, as the place is packed and the staff tend to get hot between the ears more than at other times.

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Great quality at a great price

This place is often packed with people during lunch time and dinner time. That's not surprising because Wee Nam Kee chicken rice certainly is not just another chicken rice stall.

Although there are limited seats in the air-conditioned shop, customers usually do not mind sitting alfresco under the giant fans, which ward off pollution from the main road. The service here is quick, even at peak hours. The roast chicken (which I had), had a crispy skin and succulent meat, not something every chicken rice stall does. The rice is fragrant, and the best is that the prices are really reasonable. Definitely a must for all chicken rice lovers!

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opposite novena church
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