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Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup

Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup Hot

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Jalan Besar 207 Jalan Besar Singapore 208893
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Listing created by ahnahdoreen on September 15, 2012    

This is a local coffee shop located near Lavender Food Court that sells Pig organ soup, vinegar pig trotters and many more chinese delicacies. 

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I love the free soup refill

I learnt of this place from my boyfriend who has been eating it since his childhood days and one day in a rainy weather, i was craving for pig organ soup and got him to drive me there.

We ordered a large bowl of pig organ soup to share, together with a side dishes of cabbage and salted minced meat. The pig organ soup was the highlight. There were plentiful of ingredients like pork balls, pork liver, pig stomach, toufu and lean meat. I really like the pig liver because there was no pungent taste to it, and it was cooked just right. I really detest liver that are tough and tasted 'fishy'. The soup was also oomph! It was flavourful with a hint of saltiness in it that came from the pickled vegetables. I am so glad this shop allows free refill of soup, beause 1 bowl was not enough for the both of us.

Defintely one of the nicest pork organ soup around. I think you can request for a pure pork ball/lean meat soup if you are scared of these organs, but i LOVE IT!

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Great soup to have on a rainy night.

Stopped by here for a little meal to warm the tummy at night. We ordered their pigs organ's soup , two bowls of rice and a bowl of meatball soup. Apparently this stall is rather popular. And indeed, they didn't fail our tastebuds.

The rice was sufficiently soft and fluffy, not like the other types where they are hard and grainy. The soup was peppery and tasty, without the addition of too much MSG, which i was glad- don't want to be dropping hair too soon!. The meatballs were QQ in texture.

All in all a great place to visit again for a hearty meal!

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Mouth watering chinese delicacies under 10 bucks!

Tired of finding a place with good food at cheap rates? Time to stop looking and step into 'Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup' coffee shop that is located near Lavender Food Court.

The dishes found here is mouth-watering and it will only leave you wanting more! The pig organ soup are filled with the ingredients that are of good standard and appropriate amount. The vinegar pig trotters is another signature dish that is a must try. The prices are under $10 and for that reasonable price, you are able to try tasty food that will fill your hearty appetites. Plus, the pig organ soup is refillable! Thus, whenever you feel like wanting more, just add another bowl of rice and get the friendly store owners to get you a refill of that delicious pig organ soup. There is a variety of different dishes for you to choose from if you are not a great fan of pig organ soup and pig trotters.

From my experience there, I've had brunches and lunch there with my family often when we are nearby. Each time we think of an affordable place to go to for meals, we would consider places like this that leaves our stomach filled and tasty experiences. I would introduce my friends to have lunch there together at times to enjoy the cheap and affordable meals there. The service staffs are very approachable and friendly and so is the drink's stall owner. There are many table and chairs available and fear not, they are clean and ready to be occupied by new comers.

Don't be disheartened by the location and setting of the coffee shop, the delicacies it contains are hard to resist and it is worth the try. Bring your friends, family and working colleagues down to taste these delicious dishes today!

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Pig Organ Soup and Vinegar Pig Trotters
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Jalan Besar
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