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level 4 The Gallerie, Marina Square 6 Raffles Boulevard Singapore
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Shen Xi Soup brings the nutritious soup making culture back from the sixties.

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Daily: 10.30am – 10pm


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Comfort soup

I grew up drinking good soups, courtesy to my Cantonese mother and late grandmother. Since young, I have been exposed to different kind of soups and my expectations for soups are rather high, considering the ones I've had from my mother and late grandmother.

As my mother becomes busier these days, homecooked meals and soups are not as frequently cooked as before. However, soups are an important part of my meals and I find that a good soup can complete a meal. So I'll tend to order a bowl of soup when I am having my meal outside. Choosing the right type of soup is not only nutritious, but adds flavor to your meal. A warm bowl of soup can also heat you up on a cold rainy day.

The soups here are held in porcelain bowls and are double boiled for full flavor. I really like the lotus and pork rib soup. It is sweet and has a nice meat taste to boost the flavor of it. They have other choices of herbal soups and cooling soups as well. I personally do not like herbal soups so I stay away from them. I haven't been there a lot of times but the few times I've been there, it left a good impression on me. If I am feeling hungry, I could just order a bowl of plain rice to go with it. Otherwise, I would just have the soup by itself for the comfort and convenience of it.

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Appetising healthy great soups, even the sick turns well!

Undeniably the best Chinese soup chain around. Doubled boiled into pots and pots of wholesomeness, their stalls have all about the same great standard level of soup - Rich and flavourful. They have 6-7 kinds of soup and each has its own wholesomeness to rave about.

The lotus root soup is one I can drink everyday, every meal without getting tired of it. You can ask for a soup refill at no cost but the regular bowl is good enough. Their 'buddha jump over the wall' soup is also really delicious at only $8-9 bucks (where to find such good treat at cheap price). I heard it is especially good for ladies' as it is rich in collagen, good for complexion! My friends and I love to patronise the stall in 'Kopitiam' at Lavender Mrt station right under V hotel. It is opened 24hrs and such great soup for supper? I'm in! :)

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Soupy goodness

Lao Huo Tang is one of the bests herbal soups I have drank. My favorite is the lotus and pork ribs soup. The soup is very very flavorful and tasty and it isn't too oily. The generous serving of pork ribs is soft and goes very well when taken with the soup. Sometimes, I order the pumpkin rice which is very unique and I have never tried something like that before. Most soups stalls offer white rice and brown rice but Lao Huo Tang has pumpkin rice which is very fragrant.

I like their Apple and Pear soup too! It may seem weird to some that a sweet fruit is used to boil soup. However, it is very refreshing and sweet at the same time! Definitely one of my favorites.

It seems like Lao Huo Tang is expanding quite a bit as I see many food courts and hawker centers selling soups Lao Huo Tang. I am definitely not complaining!

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Feeling heaty and looking for something to soothe the throat? With over ten different soups to choose from, it seems that there’s a soup for everyone. The highlight of the stall is Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, their soup is fragrant, rich, thick, really flavourful though slightly salty, but rest assured there is no msg added. The normal Buddha jump over the wall is an expensive dish we only have on special occasions like chinese new year, lao huo tang’s version is easier on the pocket but does not scrimp on any ingredients. This tonic broth is something that could ease your body and leave you feeling so much better. The old cucumber soup and lotus soup are also delicious and refreshingly light, with the old cucumber and lotus soft and well-cooked, a testament to the many hours of boiling. Portions of pork ribs given were generous as well, the tender meat, dipped in soy sauce tasted especially good with a bowl of pumpkin rice. Apparently Lau huo tang’s selling point is that their soup is boiled over charcoal fire and not gas, not sure exactly how this is supposed to make a difference when it comes to making soup, but there sure seemed to be many customers willing to queue..

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