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Blk 261, Food Summons Coffee Shop Waterloo street Singapore 180261
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Listing created by hungrypanda on July 03, 2012    

Steak Republic believes in serving you only the best, so you can count on us for high-quality foods, great service at an affordable price with No GST & No Service Charge. And to top that all, Great Special Promotions that you just can't afford to miss! Ultimately, it's all about delightful customer experience whenever you set foot into our stall. We have done our research (and still constantly do) on various recipes, and sauces that go with the meat. As such, you can rest assure that the sauces we serve are made from the freshest ingredients. We put in tremendous effort into our food presentation, to set the tone for your enjoyable indulgence. Patrons can finish off their meals with dessert items like our signature home-made lava cake. Our commitment is to provide consistent great food made from fresh, high- quality ingredients. Its fast and friendly services go all out to provide you with an inviting atmosphere conveniently located along Waterloo Street.

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Great Western food!

To be honest, I was not too interested when my partner insisted that we have dinner at Steak Republic since we were near the area. I had never heard of Steak Republic and the hawker centre felt hot and stuffy to me. It is also near SMU, so I heard from the stall owner that many of their loyal customers are SMU students.

I ended up loving their Pork Steak, which was juicy and succulent. It also came with 2 side dishes for an extremely affordable price, so it was really value for money.

However, their pasta choices are limited as they only have tomato-based sauces, so if you're looking for a cream-based pasta, Steak Republic is not the best place to go.

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(Updated: July 03, 2012)

Great for those with big appetites!

Just 5 minutes walk from Bras Basah Complex (if you know the way), this gem is nicely hidden in a rather remote coffee shop.
But once you've reached the coffee shop, it would be impossible to miss the stall with its eye-catching signboard and two LCD TVs displaying the menu.
Despite being situated within the neighborhood facing away from the main road, there is still a crowd at the coffee shop during lunch hours.
I find it convenient that we are given number tags to wait at our table as the food is prepared, and the service is pretty efficient as well.

There is an array of main dishes available and an even wider selection of side dishes to go with.
Most are reasonably priced at $6.50 which would consist of the main and any two sides.
I have tried grilled fish and mustard chicken and loved them.
The grilled fish would be more suitable for those who prefer lighter flavours, especially with salsa sauce, while the mustard chicken is very flavourful.
I was rather disappointed to find out they didn't have the herb sauce to go with the grilled fish though.
Some of the more significant side dishes I would recommend would include fries, egg salad and onion potato.
If you want a really heavy meal, you can try their garlic spaghetti which is mildly spicy.
One side dish I'm interested in but haven't had a chance to try yet is the teriyaki tofu which I would definitely order the next time I go there.
Overall, their side dishes are all pretty special and delicious.

One word, Sedap!

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Rare find among the buildings situated in the area

My friend brought me to this hawker at waterloo street, positioned in a rather secluded corner of this old looking building. Perhaps only those who work around or frequent the area will know of this western stall. If you are looking for a meal in a high-class setting then this may not be the right place for you. The food we ordered was served to us within a reasonable amount of waiting time. Chilli and ketchup are to be taken on our own while the dishes were brought to our table.

The set meal we ordered was of average price, and comes with two side dishes of our choice. The BBQ chicken was very chewy and I considered it to be quite a large portion. The sauce that came with it was terrific, not too sweet and goes well with the chicken. A powder was sprinkled on to their fries which added a mild spiciness to it, adding on to its uniqueness from other western stalls. The other side dish I had was potato salad. Personally prefer the potato to be removed of its skin and made softer, but it was still not too bad.

For the ever improving sauces that goes with their meat, I am willing to visit the stall again. Those who are craving for meat but do not want to spend too much, this is one place you should discover!

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