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Eminent Frog Porridge (Geylang Lor 19)

Eminent Frog Porridge (Geylang Lor 19) Hot

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323 Geylang Road Lorong 19 Singapore 3
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Listing created by Cassandrakzy on July 02, 2012    

One of the best frog porridge you will ever find in Geylang.

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Salty "Mix between chicken and Fish"

Frog leg's porridge is my favourite. My dad, being a foodie, brought me to this place at a young age. When I heard that it was situated in Geylang, I had told him that I wasn't going to go at night because of the old men that were going to take me away - I had even laughed at him for saying that there were food stalls in Geylang.

I couldn't have been further from the truth. While Geylang is known for its subculture, oh, this place is just amazing. In the night, it is filled with bright lights and excited foodies chatting away, anticipating the frog's leg porridge. My dad, obviously one of them, was adamant in bringing my whole family along for a late night supper.

"Don't worry, frog's meat just tastes like a mix between chicken and fish." My dad had told me that before I munched down on a frog's leg, the salty taste bursting into my mouth as I ate it together with a spoonful of porridge. "OOH oots soo guud!" I had obviously tried to express my liking for the food with my mouth full.

Up till today, this place leaves me with late-night cravings once in awhile.

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I am sorry about your prince

But I had such a nice time with him.

My friend was offering to go to Geylang for an all out supper adventure and because of my apparent disregard for correct food timings, I subscribed and off we went!

This is our first stop because it was at the more inaccesible part of Geylang (our main aim was 126 that night and my god it is amazing but more on that on 126's review).

The queue was long and we got very fed up waiting and were going to leave when 2 seats freed up. We haven't eaten at all so we decided to go for the frog porridge.

And it was gorgeous.

I am sorry whoever's fairytale significant other I was eating but my god it was good. The sauce was delish, the porridge was tasty by itself, and the meat was so succulent and soft. I usually am very bothered by bones hence I don't eat frog porridge often but this is worth every effort.

It's worth the waiting time, every last minute of it.

I'd come back again if it wasn't at such an odd place.

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Affordable and good
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My friends and I decided to try out a new supper place and thanks to the Internet, we arrived here! I haven’t had frog for a while so I had forgotten how it tasted like. To my surprise, the frog was springy and succulent! I loved it! Before I know it, the frog was all gone…

We also ordered other side dishes such as chicken wings, but they weren’t very memorable.

The eatery can be quite stuffy and loud so we didn't stay for long. Prices weren’t cheap, considering that the place is in a coffee shop setting. Will come back again if I’m craving for some frog porridge!

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Thumbs up

I do make purposeful trips down to Geylang for this particular frog porridge. I have not tried any other food of theirs.

I like their porridge because it's always steaming hot, smooth but not watery. And they know I always ask for extra extra spring onions. Although I feel it can be spicier, the taste is well balanced and good.

One thing about the place is it can get really hot, especially when you start to eat.

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Standards have dropped

I was just here last Friday night for a meal with my parents. We were all looking forward to it because the past few times that we were there, the food was excellent. However, this time round, we were very disappointed. The standard of the food there has indeed dropped a lot!

The porridge we had was very bland, and the frog served to us was so little. Yet, we had paid about 50 dollars for the meal. It was pricey and not nice at all. My parents were guessing that the place had probably hired more foreign workers to cut costs and did not continue their traditional recipes. We could really see that barely any effort was put in to cook the dish to perfection, and it is indeed sad to see how my favourite place was starting to become worse.

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Frog only please

I am not usually fond of eating frog meat, as it is very troublesome with all the small bones. However, when I tried the spring onion pepper claypot frog, I wanted more. The sauce was thick and very tasty, and the frog meat was soft and springy. The sauce also went along well with the plain porridge.

However, the other tze char dishes were not very impressive, such as the oyster ommelette, which was spicy and felt like mixed vegetables with oyster and not oyster ommlette. The service was quite good though, as the staff were very attentive to customers' calls.

As the place is very warm, coupled with the warm porridge, it isbest to patronise them on a cool or rainy day, so that you will not feel too hot and uncomfortable and can enjoy the food. The food does not come cheap as well, so this place is not for the thrifty.

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My mother introduced me to Eminent Frog Porridge (my old lady, who would have guessed it?) at Geylang. Although wary and doubtful of such a store, especially after she praised it so highly, I decided to give it a try.

It was magic. The sweetness of the frog leg gravy just oozed into the porridge, blending in so well with the starchy goodness of the rice. I am not adverse to exotic food, but I had bad experiences with similar dishes in the past, so I was hesitant to try the legs out. However, when I first bit into the meat, I was stunned at how delicious it was. Suffice it to say that I have found a new haunt whenever I develop a craving for amphibian meat (sounds disgusting).

4 outta 5.

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Who would have thought that frogs are that tasty?

I didn't like the idea of eating frogs and was a little reluctant when my friends bought me there. It took a great deal of guts and resolve but once the bite has been taken, you'll never look back. These amphibious legs are surprising tasty (to me it tasted sort of like Ma You Ji [Sesame Oil Chicken]) and I felt that the plain porridge complimented it well. For those who aren't too receptive to the idea like me, it helps to eat at night as you can barely see your meal. A big drawback here is the poor environment. I ate near the alley with the dustbins nearby (only seats available left) so I've had to endure the occasional breeze of unpleasant waste. That aside, its a worthwhile gastronomical adventure.

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(Updated: October 12, 2012)

Supper warmth.

Frog Porridge sounds intimidating to me initially but since my Mister X loves it so much, and particularly Eminent's frog porridge, I decide to partake in this exquisite meat to please him

I must say, we were both pleased with our supper. He is pleased because I finally decided to give this a shot. I was pleased because the frog meat really tastes like chicken! And the sauce is thick and flavorful, much to my delight! I am convinced to visit the shop again with him and we did.

The frog is soft and has small bones which poses a challenge to big eaters who are not careful with their food, hence, do take caution. It is affordable though, so do give this a try!

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Frog legs, anyone?

Geylang is where you get your stomachs filled at 1am in the morning. You see girls dressing skimpily, uncles ogling at them, young people having supper at roadside stalls. All these are the common sights in Geylang.

This frog porridge stall serves the best frog porridge in the whole of Geylang. It is one of the most common place where people of all ages, hang out and enjoy the luscious frog legs. Their service was fast and good but a little pushy on asking us to get more dishes. What you see on the menu, is what you get.

It is quite noisy even though it’s late in the night. The eatery is big but clean. I come here often for late night supper with friends. It is a nice place to chill and enjoy a hearty meal of frog legs.

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Gong bao frog legs
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