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Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle Hot

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Block 466 Crawford Lane #01-12 Singapore 190465 Singapore
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Listing created by legsforsoul on July 02, 2012    

One of Singapore's best Bak Chor Mee

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9.30am to 9pm
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< $10

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(Updated: May 14, 2014)

Overrated BCM

My dad used to bring me here for noodles when I was much younger. I grew up visiting this stall twice a month or so because for some reason or another, my dad absolutely loves the noodles here. I used to eat it when I was young but back then food was just food to me. I didn't have anything that I particularly liked or disliked. I haven't been here for a few years but last week I went back there again with my friend who told me that she's going to bring me to the "best bcm place" in Singapore and I didn't know that the stall she was referring to is the stall that I went to during my younger days lol!! And so I tried it again as an adult but sad to say I didn't like it.

I queued for 25 minutes or so and got a regular bowl of bcm. 25 minutes for something I don't enjoy is painful and time wasted. I wonder how I got through eating bowls of these when I was younger lol. My noodles were soggy and I found it very bland.. it had this "yellowy" taste which I hate. The soup was nice though so maybe I should have ordered the soupy one instead. My friend said that it's the vinegar, pork liver and chilli that makes the noodles so tasty but I don't take vinegar and pork liver, neither do I take chilli so maybe I am missing out big time here. If you take vinegar, chilli, pork liver and all that with your bcm then maybe you could visit this place, otherwise there are other much better bcms around in Singapore!

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Just the best bak chor mee in Singapore

Do not tell your grandparents that in modern day Singapore, a bowl of bak chor mee can cost up to S$10. Do not also tell your family doctor because he/she is not going to appreciate the amount of lard and pork liver this place graces your belly with. Do, tell your fellow foodies, you know, those people who would queue ages and a day just to 'satisfy that craving'? The waiting time here surely would not disappoint. If you're lucky you wait 10 to 15 minutes for your turn.

One time I was literally bobbing with excitement because I was first in line when I arrived. Then by some sad twist of gluttony fate the entire stall began to move around and it appeared to me that they were probably trying to get a new pot of broth going. So I stood there in my highly coveted position in the queue, looking on as they prepared my food. Slowly but surely they handed that bowl of goodness into my hands. Meatballs, pork liver, minced meat and wantons.. all the things a happy belly deserves.

Most people who come here put up willingly with the heat, the queue, and that annoying stench at the back of the coffee shop. The struggle and sacrifice are real, but so is that feeling of contentment after having Tai Hwa bak chor mee. How does one get away with charging $10 for a bowl of noodles otherwise?

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Pork liver
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The best but the longest waiting time ever

This is MY FAVOURITE Bak chor mee in Singapore. However, i do not eat it that often, not that i dont want to, but i cannot afford to. Every visit would require a queue of 45 minutes and above. The people queuing is many, but what made the waiting time longer than usual is probably the slow cooking process by the hawkers...

I ordered the $5 dollar serving size to make my cents worth as i have already queued for at least 40 minutes. The noodles were springy and mixed very well with the vinegar and sauce. The fried pork lard were sinfu yet so delicious, every crunch i bit down made the clogging of arteries worth. The ingredients were placed together with the soup bowl for the $5 version. There were a mixture of pork liver, meatballs, lean meat etc, which was so delicious. The soup was also packed with strong flavours that i slurped it all down.

This is the best bak chor mee ever. I will eat it every week, if i had the luxury of time to queue.

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where you'd thank your lucky stars for a 15 minute wait.

Mondays are not as dreary when you have something to look forward to. Arrived at around 9.30am for the bah chor mee, and a steady queue was already forming at the humble stallfront. Naturally i joined the queue, and basked in that addictive aroma of vinegar and noodles that Tai Hwa is so famed for. This time round, thanks to the early morning brisk, I got to my bowl of heaven in less than 15minutes. Therefore, always come early if you're hungry!

The best part of the experience (apart from the crazy queueing, of course), is that the whole bowl of bah chor mee is unwavering in taste over the years - everything from the noodle consistency (or bee tai mak, the way i like it), to the soupiness of the dry bah chor mee and the flavour of the vinegar, is standardized and SO YUMMY all the time. :)

Although I'd have to warn you, that prices are steep at $5 a bowl for hawker fare - not that I care, as I go for the $8 one all the time. Seriously. I'm such a bah chor mee addict that I embarrass myself sometimes. Join me, won't you?

Little tip: Closed on 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month

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their famous vinegar "dressing"
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Best bak chor mee in Singapore

One of my favorite Bak Chor Mee in Singapore. Located near Lavender MRT, this stall has a queue in front of it no matter what time I am there. During weekends sometimes I have to wait up to 20 or 30 minutes for a bowl of Bak Chor Mee. There is a soup and dry version of the famous pork noodle, I personally prefer the dry one because I like my noodles to be more flavorful. For $4 a bowl, you get springy noodles and minced meat, lean meat, liver, dumplings and meat ball. Really really worth the price! The sauce and chilli paste with additional vinegar is really addictive and promotes appetite. However, a piece of advice is to wear light clothing and get ready to sweat it out because of the spiciness of the pork noodles as well as the bad ventilation of the hawker centre.

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