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A humble noodles stall situated at Thomson. It has been well-known for its famous Ba Chor Mee over the years.

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best place for supper after hours

Meng’s has been one of my favorite go-to places for supper. I’m not a huge fan of Bak Chor Mee but I would have this anytime, anyday. It used to be routine for my friends and I to have Meng’s Kitchen for dinner for a period of time.

They are extremely generous with their ingredients, and service moves really quickly here. There’s just something different about their Bak Chor Mee, you have to try it to know. They serve good side dishes too, my favorite is the Thai Style Beancurd.

Overall, even though it isn’t the healthiest meal you’ll have here, it’s worth the extra calories and your tummy will thank you for it!

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Get your Bak Chor Mee fix 24/7

I’ve always known about the famous Bak Chor Mee from Upper Thomson. But my visits there had always been to visit some cafe or ice-cream parlour, and so I never had the reason to have my mee pok fix - until recently.

Bak Chor Mee is one of my favourite dishes of all-time, so I was ecstatic to finally have dinner here. It was a Saturday evening, but thankfully, not that crowded. Service was fast, and I loved that they were so generous with their ingredients - I had enough fish balls to go with my mee pok! The portion of noodles given was quite small though, and it was extremely spicy. But pain is gain, and I probably did gain a few calories wolfing down the entire bowl that night.

Aside from causing me to pant like a dog because of its spiciness, the Bak Chor Mee at Meng’s Kitchen lived up to its name. Extra brownie points for being open 24/7! I may be slightly envious of residents at Upper Thomson right now.

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24/7 BCM

One of the best places for your ba chor mee fix at any time of the day. They can get very crowded during dinner times so I'd go at slightly odder timings if I'm planning to make a trip down.

They're pretty generous with their ingredients, which is good news for big eaters like me. It's easy to overlook their other dishes with the ba chor mee being the star of Meng's. The Mini Wok is great too with its flavourful broth and the usual suspects (such as fishball, meatball and dumpling). I'd also recommend the Deep Fried Thai Tofu to go along with your noodles for a really hearty meal. Delightfully crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Oh, and remember to make time to run off those calories after that meal. It'll be well worth it.

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Always crowded for obvious reasons!

Doesn’t matter if it’s 4am or 4pm, this eatery along Upp Thomson Rd is always crowded. For obvious reasons, its bak chor mee. It's funny how its neighbouring stall which sells bak chor mee doesn't even get half the customers Meng’s Kitchen is getting.

It's great having friends staying near you and love Meng's Kitchen as well. Being a 10 minutes drive away from Upp Thomson means that we could have supper whenever we wanted.

Besides bak chor mee, they also sell laksa, other noodle dishes as well as side dishes. Recently, their prices went up by about $0.50 or so but hey, it’s good food we’re talking about here so it’s definitely worth the $0.50 (and the extra calories!)

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OMG my favourite

Once upon a time, i knew everyone at Meng's Kitchen. Back in those days when i go clubbing 3 to 4 times a week, i will always end up at Meng's kitchen to eat my favourite Bak Chor Mee and the workers there enjoy drunkards like us to spice up their night.

Anyone that lives in Thomson/Yio Chu Kang/Bishan/Ang Mo Kio/Lornie or whatever kampong nearby will know that this place is the bomb for BCM. My friends and i love this place and this is the place we crave for the most when we were studying overseas.

I love to have BCM my way and everyone wants their BCM differently. Very few has no preferences for BCM and i love it that our BCM at Meng's will come the way we want it to be.

They also serve heavenly Fried Chicken with mayonnaise, Fried Fish cake, Fried Thai Tofu, Fried Wanton and pretty good Laksa.

I am getting so hungry now typing all this and i wish i'm a pig who still believes in supper. Sadly, it has been a long time since i ate supper but Meng's Kitchen will always have a place in my heart.

This is my favourite and the best BCM stall in Singapore because i spend half of the time drunk here and definitely a nostalgic place for me, a place that reminds me of my youth.

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First Date

I was looking at the home page when I found that the picture looked rather familiar. This place was the first place that my boyfriend brought me to for a date, how romantic right. We had already eaten at Adam Road, before we got hungry again and decided that we should head down to thomson to have a look because the shops there tend to open till later.

Meng's Kitchen was beside the prata place, and at that time there werent that many options as compared to the whole vibrant stretch it is now. We thus settled for Meng's Kitchen. The food is relatively good, better than average bar chor mee I would say as the noodles still stay springy, and it is not over cooked. There are a wide selection of noodles and ingredient options to choose from and despite it being an individual store, the price is not exorbitant. Pretty decent for a bowl of bar chor mee on a late night. the chilli however can be quite spicy.

What I like about this place is that it is not an individual entity. After having some main course noodles, there is always many other dessert options just down the road to help in the digestion.

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"Let's go to Mengs."
"I crave Mengs noodles"
"Meet at Mengs?"

I've never heard of this hawker place until a couple of months ago. But ever since, this hawker seems to be a common rendezvous spot chosen by many in the late hours of the night. They say the noodles are heavenly. They say the noodles are rivaled by none. Perhaps it's because I was never a huge fan of Ba Chou Mee hence I can't quite comprehend their predilection towards this mediocre looking stall. Nevertheless, I gave the worshipped noodles a shot. Disappointed when the portion wasn't generous and the Uncles weren't exactly very patient when I hmm and hawed over what to order.

However, to be fair, it wasn't bad... Haha. I could kind of figure why people would like their noodles. I just can't quite understand why the fervor. It was full with flavours, just the way a Singaporean would love it. Still, their noodles was just another hawker bowl of noodles for me.

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Tasty Ba Chor Mee!

I was first brought to Meng's Kitchen 4 years ago, after a studying session at Thomson Plaza. Didn't have much expectations at first but this eatery turned out to be my favourite supper place in the wee hours!

The Ba Chor Mee, which they are famous for, indeed lives up to its fame. The noodles are springy and tangy and there are quite a lot of ingredients in the noodles! Topped off with chili and vinegar, you have the perfect ba chor mee to suffice your hunger! However, Meng's Kitchen not only sells ba chor mee, there are other noodles dishes as well. The fried wanton noodles is tasty too, as the fried wantons are crunchy and the noodles are very 'q-q' too. They have side dishes as well, such as fried chicken cutlet and tau hu goreng. The tau hu goreng is pretty good, I will recommend everyone to order as a side dish to go along with your noodles! I think what makes Meng's kitchen different from other ba chor mee stalls is their noodles and the perfect balance of vinegar and chili in it.

As the eatery is 24 hours, a huge crowd can be seen at night. Hence, seats might not be easy to get if you visit them during dinner time or at around 10pm. It is relatively quieter from the midnight onwards, so if your hunger pangs strike you in the middle of the night, Meng's kitchen's noodles will leave you satisfied for sure! Most noodles there are priced at $3.50 per bowl, which is reasonable in my opinion, as its quality did not drop over the years! This eatery is located at Thomson road where there are many eateries stretched out along that road, one bus stop away from Thomson Plaza. After a filling meal of ba chor mee, you can always walk down that stretch of road in search for desserts!

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