Ofira Amazing Thai Food

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#01-20 Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road Singapore 228213
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Pon Swee Man
Listing created by Pon Swee Man on January 08, 2016    

Your local Thai food maestro, Ofira Amazing Thai Food serves up a good serving of simple homecooked fare in the authentic Thai style. Its most popular dishes include the standard Thai Basil Leaves Fried Rice, Green Curry and the tangy Thai Tom Yum, all of which are not complete without the house speciality Thai Milk Tea. 

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Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 11am - 8.30pm
Avg Price:
< $10
List of Outlets:
Far East Plaza #01-20


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Amazing Thai Food under $6

Tucked in a corner of Far East Plaza Level 1 is some Amazing Thai Food (that literally is the name of the stall), and for good reason. It serves no-frills authentic thai food with a heartwarming homecooked feel comes at an unmatched low price of $4.50-$6 for a quick eat-and-go.

Despite having been there multiple times, I still find myself gravitating towards the same dish: the savoury Chicken Kway Teow noodles soup ($4.50). I’ve always been a fan of good food that tastes home-cooked, just because I feel like I can taste the work and care of its maker., Nand nothing tastes better than sitting in a cramped space with little elbow room and scarfing down soup that instantly warms your stomach after a long day at work or shopping in the vicinity. Pair it with the sweet and milky Thai milk tea ($1.80) and you will never need Gongcha after lunch again.

While this thai food may not instantly wow you (it tasted like a good bowl of rather normal but cheap thai food to me), I’ve realised that its taste grows on you day by day, leaving you craving more. Just look at me - I’ve went back at least ten times now and I’ve only ventured outside my usual order once; that’s how amazing it is.

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Far East Plaza
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