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Meng Kang
Listing created by Meng Kang on December 16, 2013    

A local eatery located in ehub selling famous hotel quality chicken rice. Founder was once a hotel chicken rice chef.

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If only for the tofu and convenience

You can think of Mr Chicken Rice as really overpriced chicken rice or chicken rice that is ridiculously cheap given that it used to be sold at more than double the price it is now back at Chatterbox. Many adopt the former view, given that Chatterbox sells local food at ridiculously high prices. I prefer to take the middle ground, though.

The chicken rice here really is laudable - I enjoy every visit I pay here and never feel like I'm paying for more than I was given. Of late, they raised their price by around a dollar - be it whether to maximise profits or to account for higher cost of raw materials, I think their price raise is justified. The quality of their chicken and more importantly - tofu, have remained the same. Having reviewed and eaten at Tian Tian Chicken Rice, the chicken there is unfortunately better than the chicken here - but that by no means undermines the overall quality of the meal here.

The focus of the chicken rice here I would say is not on the chicken but on its accompanying dishes and sauces. There is a combination of ginger, dark sauce, and chilli sauce to make a frighteningly good dip for their chicken, which in part makes up for their occasionally not-so-tender chicken. Their rice is also extremely fragrant - one of the most fragrant rices I have encountered on my chicken rice journeys that it can be said to be "good enough to be eaten by itself".

The real clincher for me, however, is the tofu. It's both crispy AND delicate (outside and inside respectively), while their thai chilli sauce is somehow special in that it blends extremely well with their tofu. I don't know what they add to it or if it's actually just normal sauce, but the overall effect is laudable all the same.

All in all, I would recommend this place if you're in need of a chicken rice fix and in downtown east, particularly if it's at night because Tian Tian would have usually run out of chicken by then. It's affordable and quite worth it. Just because it's not the best doesn't mean it isn't good.

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(Updated: December 20, 2013)

Going downhill

If I'd been writing this review for Mr Chicken Rice three years ago, I would probably have awarded the store a 4.5/5 rating. Sadly, Mr Chicken Rice's hey-days are long over, and while I do still visit the store pretty regularly, it's really more for convenience's sake than anything.

I used to detest chicken rice when I was younger, and it'd been Mr Chicken Rice that had changed my entire perception of the local dish. A few years ago, the chicken at Mr Chicken Rice was absolutely fresh and succulent, topped off with amazing sauce that made me crave for more.

However, the store seems to have lost its touch in recent years. The chicken is definitely no longer as fresh as it used to be, and on the odd occasions, my plate of chicken may actually turn out cold. Their portion of chicken has certainly shrunk, but at least the serving is sufficient.

As for service, the entire store seems to have taken on a pretty aloof atmosphere, and on the days when I go in at odd timings like 3pm or 8pm, I can actually hear the owner of the store berating his staff.

Overall, the quality at Mr Chicken Rice has definitely dipped over the years. That said, the taste of their chicken rice remains above average, and it's certainly one of the cheapest dining options you'll find at Downtown East.

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Fantastic Chicken Rice

Back then when Mr Chicken Rice opened in 2009, I was only a Secondary 2 kid. Since then, I've grown, but Mr Chicken Rice still remains the same.

Within the first few days of its opening, I went to try Mr Chicken Rice with my family and boy oh boy, it was really one of the best chicken rice I've ever tasted! Even till today, its taste still remains as good as it was before. The chicken meat is always smooth and full of juice. The rice is fragrant and tasty. Almost every time when I patronize the restaurant, I would never be satisfied unless I have my two bowls of rice mixed with dark soy sauce and the chicken rice chilli sauce. In addition to that, one side dish that is a must-have for me is the Tofu served with Thai chilli sauce. The piping hotness of the tofu melting in my mouth is just heavenly to me.

To me, Mr Chicken Rice is really a restaurant that I will frequent for the rest of my life. It's not just a place that sells fantastic chicken rice, but a place that holds memories for me and my family.

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