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Meng Kang
Listing created by Meng Kang on December 16, 2013    

Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant can be found in the prata hub along Jalan Kayu, selling Indian cuisine. It is known as the most famous prata shop in Singapore.

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Used to be much better

A few years ago, I really loved this place. I kept telling my parents to come here for breakfast in spite of the fact that it is a half an hour drive away from home. The prata was really tasty, chewy and delicious, and the curry was rich in flavour and addictive. For now, let us just say it is a shadow of its former self.

The prices have increased a lot but the service and the food have decreased the same in quality. It takes a lot of time to be served here, and they even got my order wrong in a recent visit. Also, the curry volume has decreased and it is not as lipsmackingly delicious. I weep for what it used to be. It really does not invite me to ever go back to visit it.

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Falling standards

Though still a regular customer (notice the irony) of Thasevi's, my visits are nowadays punctuated with sighs and longings for t he days long past, when Thasevi's was the epitome of how a cheap, tasty roti prata outlet should be.

As recently as 2007, visits to the place used to be pleasant, full of laughter and filled with good food for me. The roti prata then was warm, puffy, slightly toasted and chewy on the first taste. It was a joy to put a piece into my mouth and i'll spend 2-3 minutes savouring a piece, dipped in warm, slightly spicy but bursting with flavour curry personally handmade by the chefs. Service was good with orders taken and delivered promptly and the waiters will try their utmost to make sure customers have a delightful dining experience at the outlet.

However, nowadays, service is really bad. All it takes is just in ordinary garb ( singlet and trunks + running shoes) after my morning run such that you are judged to be poor and hence much ignored by the waiters. It feels quite frustrating when you wave to not one, but a few waiters and they just hurry by, apparently not seeing you. Moreover, their prata standard, despite rising prices, has dropped. It is really difficult to find the authentic chewy, tasty stuff that was freely available just a few years back and their curry has become soggy. Talking about other products, the standards also drop in spite of rapidly increasing prices.

Overall, a once shiny product now turned rusty.

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Poor Prata Stall living on its outdated 'hype'

As the name speaks for itself, Thasevi is known as Singapore's famous Prata shop. I found this restaurant through online food websites such as Curious to see if it lived up to its hyped, I decided to bring my friends along to try its 'famous' prata.

Finding this restaurant was easy; because I had already been familiar with the streets of Jalan Kayu. For first timers, it is advised you take public transport as parking lots are as little as two pair of hands could count.

When we arrived, I was appalled how deserted the restaurant was. There were only a handful of customers. This wasn't how I envisioned the place to be when I read about it online. The service was bad. I could see 5 of its staff just 'lepaking' at one corner, ignoring the fact that we just arrived. There were no waiters to take our orders and everything was sort of self service.

Soon after we ordered, food arrived. We savoured a variety of pratas and roti john before ending off with an ice cream prata. For me, out of all the pratas, the bom prata (prata with condensed milk) was really unique and not too sweet for me. The others were pretty normal. The quality of the pratas tasted pretty much like any prata you would find in Singapore.

So, did it live up to its hype? Definitely no. Poor service, expensive prices coupled with poor cleanliness made my virgin experience at Thasevi a 'so-so' one. The only thing that kept it running must have been its past successes and already outdated 'hype'.

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