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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on July 15, 2013    

This home delivery services specalises in chicken chicken baked completely inside a fluffy loaf. Their food is halal certified.

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Unimpressed, misled by the hype

My classmate's parents decided to order this during one of our class gatherings at her house. We were all quite excited because most of us had heard of Golden Pillow before but had yet to try it.

However, expectation and reality could not be different. Frankly, there was nothing special about their curry and bread, except that the curry was in a bread bowl... no plus points for that, though.

The curry was not spicy; it smelt good but somehow the taste seemed diluted. It wasn't thick and the consistency was rather bad. Also, the chicken was like your average curry chicken and the bread was not as fluffy and soft as we had expected.

We were rather disappointed because we were misled by all the hype. After that experience, I would not give it another try. It was unimpressive.

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I had fond memories of this

I am writing this based on my own recollection.

I always remembered Golden Pillow to be about the bun. It is big, fluffy and sweet tasting. The curry would be in the middle wrapped up in wax paper. I loved the bread. You would have to temper your expectations for the curry. It is what I would term as Chinese curry. Therefore, do not have any illusions that it would taste like how Indians would cook their curry. The consistency is watery; not as thick as the Indian version but it would go with the bun. No real issue.

I'd probably order one next week and see if it is still the same or if the quality has taken a nosedive.

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(Updated: July 15, 2013)

Very disappointing

Was expecting a decent meal since I've heard of Golden Pillow for awhile now but have never tried them myself. Chloe felt like ordering in so we looked at the delivery page I set up and ordered from somewhere we have not tried before.

First impressions were bad. The initial receptionist was from China so she could not understand my English and quickly shoved the phone to her colleague. They told me their standard delivery time takes between 1.5 - 2 hours which is quite a lot longer than most delivery services.

They came punctually after 1.5 hours. We ordered the Curry Chicken Bun ($14.90) and Black Pepper Fish ($10) and the pricing was reasonable, coming to $30 after delivery and GST. The food however, tasted terrible. The curry chicken which was supposed to be their specialty tasted like water and curry powder. They make the curry chicken cooks at economic rice stalls look like michelin starred chefs. The bun that went along with it was hard, dry and tasteless. The black pepper fish was average, although generous in serving size.

This is not a delivery service I would recommend and I ended up really disappointed since I have a thing for curry chicken and was hoping for a decent meal since they claimed this their specialty.

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