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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on January 27, 2013    

Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice was started in 1953 and is now a well-known brand in Singapore and could be found in many parts of Singapore.

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Bland Chicken

There is nothing special about the Chicken Rice.

To me, the most crucial factor that determines the taste of a plate of chicken rice lies in the chicken. For me, the chicken just didn't cut it. While the chicken seemed to be juicy on the outside, I was disappointed to bite into a dry and slightly hard chicken which meant that I had to literally rip the chicken into shreds before I could eat and swallow it down.

It seemed that the chicken spoilt the taste of this place. I guess food will always be subjective, but how can it compete when I will always place my mother's home cooked chicken rice as number 1 in my heart and my taste buds?

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Same Old

Chicken Rice has always been a favourite of mine since a very tender age. How could anyone not love the rich flavours that is present in this very local favourite? I've known quite a few good chicken rice places around my area (and slightly out) so that I know where to go when I need a chick-fix.

Whenever I pass by Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice in the evening, the place is always packed and with a line waiting to be seated. I wondered how much better their chicken rice can be than the rest I've tried. I dined there once to find out and never really thought of going back. Their chicken rice is ordinary I guess, nothing special to me. It's not bad, but not extraordinarily good. It is a close competition amongst Singapore's best chicken rice, as chefs try to perfect this famous dish. I'm just happy to eat a good plate of chicken rice, preferably without having to queue for a long time.

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An old name in modern shop

I walked past this shop when I was in Balestier shopping for lights and toilet accessories. I did not realise that was the famous Loy Kee chicken rice because I thought the shop would be a lot more rundown because of its long history.

Apparently, the owner thought that the history should stay with the taste of the food and not the appearance of the shop. The chicken rice in this shop lived up to its reputation and although the shop helpers were mainly mainland China people but the kitchen may still be staffed by the old local staff. As long as the kitchen is not taken over by mainland China people, the tastes will still be preserved. For those that did not know, Hainanese Chicken Rice did not come from China, it was a local invention so mainland China people will not know how to cook.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Much better than Boon Tong

I had tasted Loy Kee Chicken rice before when they were commonly found at food courts. Actually my first impression of Loy Kee was not that good. I remembered their chicken as bland and tasteless and dry, and on top of that it was expensive and the meat was little.

However, I decided to try it out again recently at their main outlet at Balestier Road. Oh my, I was glad that I gave them another chance. This outlet at Balestier Road sells more than chicken rice. Above chicken rice, they also opened for breakfast and sell traditional eggs and toasts along with chicken porridge. The porridge was cooked nicely and smelled really wonderful. It surprised me as I did not expect them to do breakfast and do it well. I think their franchises have done them injustice.

Their chicken rice was also aromatic and cooked just nice without being too hard and mushy. I definitely preferred this as compared to Boon Tong Kee. Their chicken meat was juicy and not hard, and the skin has a nice taste and aroma as well. As this was a restaurant style of chicken rice, so it was more expensive, but I felt it does gave more justice to the name of Loy Kee. Both their steam and roasted versions were done equally well and I went from order a drumstick rice to ordering another portion when I was done.

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