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333 Bak kut Teh

333 Bak kut Teh Hot

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333 Balestier Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 01, 2012    

Peppery bak kut teh to warm the soul.

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I'm craving for it as I write this

One fine (middle of the) night, I was craving for bak kut teh really badly so I called a friend and pestered him to go for supper with me. We drove to Balestier and wanted to eat at Founder's BKT but to our disappointment, it was closed! We thought it was going to be open 24hr, apparently not. We drove around a bit and came across 333 bak kut teh and decided to give it a go.

333 has been our usual bak kut teh spot ever since then. They are cheaper than Founder's and they have one of the nicest clear peppery soup that you can refill over and over again (yay!) I don't usually eat the pork that comes with it because they are usually tough and chewy but these are tender and one of the best!

Besides, you know you can drop by here at 4am or after a night of partying and know that you can still get piping hot bak kut teh. Yay for 24hr food places!

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