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Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-058 Fountain Terrace Singapore 038983
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Listing created by bxbong on November 26, 2012    

Gurney Drive aims to bring authentic Penang Hawker Food in a nice and relaxing environment, coupled with excellent service and a memorable dining experience, all at a reasonable price.

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Opening Hours:
1100 - 2200
List of Outlets:
Gurney Drive @ Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square #05-12/13,
Singapore 738099

Gurney Culture @ Century Square
2 Tampines Central 5 #04-11/12,
Singapore 529509

Gurney Drive @ Terminal 3
Departure/Check-in Hall,
Level 3 Mezz South #03-21,
Changi Airport Terminal 3,
Singapore 819692

Jubilee Entertainment Complex,
61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8,
#01-07 to10 (next to Blk 722),
Singapore 569814


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Authentic Malaysian hawker food and great service

Gurney drive is a family-friendly restaurant that serves great local and Malaysian hawker food in a more comfortable setting. Some people won’t want to pay restaurant prices for hawker food, but it’s worth paying for the ambience, aircon and service.

The staff at Gurney drive are really well trained, and provide great service, they can even memorize the menu numbers for all the items, you only have to tell them the number and they will know what dish you are ordering when they repeat your order to you.

Their chendol comes in a very generous portion and they use good quality chendol that won’t freeze after staying too long in the ice. The Gula Melaka they use is thick and they are liberal with the coconut milk.

They also open halal outlets under the name Penang Drive, where the menu is basically the same, minus the pork.

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Really Fast Service

I have to say, I'm really impressed with their service. The food came seconds after we placed our order and we were given complimentary biscuits which I thought was really thoughtful of them. I have no issues with the quality of the food either. I ordered the Thai Apple Chicken with rice and was pleased with the chicken. The skin was crunchy and the meat tender.

The only thing I didn't enjoy was the seating arrangement of the restaurant. We were seated on a table right next to a couple and though we were on different tables, the tables were not separated. It is not a big problem, but the lack of personal space definitely made the dinner much less enjoyable.

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Everyone deserves a second chance right?

It was dinnertime and there was queue so my friends & I waited for about 15 minutes before getting a table. We were starving so without further ado, we quickly placed our orders. Maybe because we were all so hungry, the food felt like it took forever to arrive.

Before long, our penang laksa, curry chicken, fried glass noodles and prawn mee finally appeared! Halfway through the penang laksa, my friend scooped up something strange in it. Wait what is that? IT LOOKS LIKE A PIECE OF CLAY OR CEMENT, my friend exclaimed. It was hard and inedible. Thinking about how this piece of object was in our food and we have already ate about 70% of it, boy we were annoyed! We tried to get the attention of the staff for a good 10 minutes and when we finally did, they offered to exchange for another bowl. Oh no thanks, we just want a refund.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance, and because I really liked the penang laksa and fried glass noodles. A friend and I went back again and I was glad there wasn't any strange inedible object in my food this time.

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Good place to relax but food was alright

I went to the branch at Causeway Point and my whole experience was just OK. The food wasn't up to my standard. I tried their Penang Laksa, Lor mee and Prawn Noodles before and they were just fine. I am a big lover of Malaysian food and I have been to Penang for their noodles too. Gurney Drive's food is just average for me (not that its bad). I found their teh-bing (milk tea) nice though!

The price was definitely not worth the portion and for hawker food. A bowl of noodles would costs you about $7-$10.

Other than that, the service staffs were just nice, quite friendly and I also felt very relaxed there. I went in with slippers on but I felt totally alright because I wasn't the only one. It was a great place to just chill, drink some tea/coffee and have a good chat there.

I guess I would hardly visit here unless if left with not much choices.

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Not really penang

When I was younger, I visited penang annually during the qing ming festival to visit the graves of my grandparents. Thus, I always had a chance to savour authentic penang food. The food which I had tasted in penang was by leaps and bounds better and cheaper.

The acclaimed "authentic" penang food was not impressive, the char kway teow was not tasty and too wet, the lor bak was hard, and the hokkien mee was not as tasty as local prawn noodles i find in a coffee shop.

Service was atrocious, the staff did not even know what was on the menu and needed their supervisor to verify the dish, and the prices not exactly economical.

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Prices seem alright...until the food is delivered

The portion is tiny. I mean the number of pieces of fried dough stick in my Rojak can quite literally be counted, the chicken wings that we ordered were tiny as well. The food served do not exactly have a distinctive Penang flavour to it, rather it seemed like ordinary local fare. They did have a promotion though whereby you pay a certain amount and get a set of coupons that have greater value which I decided to purchase since their food is rather palatable and the discount made it worthwhile.

On a side note, for the Muslim friends out there, they have a Halal chain as well so you might want to check that out.

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Driving Forward Penang's Best Foods

I'm all for Penang food. It's not made enough but I'm glad a few places like Gurney Drive is starting to promote their delicious recipes.

If you like the feel of an old coffee shop without the odd stains on the table and the sticky substances on the floor, this would be a good alternative. The place is immaculate.

But, you must go in a big group. Portions are small. Really small. Even though the photos on their menu are huge. Very huge. And for the amount you get, the price is a little...much.

So it's good to bring a big group so you can sample many different dishes. And they have an enormously long list of different drinks, both hot and cold.

However, if you want a better deal and more food to fill you up, I would try other Penang places like the one opposite Novena Church.

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