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Mustafa Centre 145 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207704
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 04, 2012    

Patron-ed mostly by long time customers and staff of Mustafa Centre, this food place is famed for their Masala Tea and known for their cheap but good food. A must-visit if you're passing by the shopping giant.

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Below Average

"What's the crowd there doing? Oh, it looks like a food centre."

Whenever I walk past this place, it always seems to be holding up a crowd. Perhaps it is because I always seem to be going there in the odd hours such as late in the evening which always ends up with me squeezing with a crowd of people rushing to get some shopping done after work. Even so, being the typical Singaporean that we are, me and my friends who had happened to be there shopping for some things for school decided to just get some food at the crowded place. After all, if its crowded then it must mean that the food served is good.

We were wrong - the food turned out to be below average with it just being food to fill our empty stomachs. I could barely taste the food. I guess its best not to be so typical Singaporeans sometimes then.

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Only when you are hungry

This is a great place when you are hungry in the middle of the night or after shopping at the huge Mustafa and is too weak to move another 10 meters more.

Both scenarios happened to me since carrying a 10-kg baby and shopping for grocery is not exactly a walk in the park.

Selection is limited but mostly fried food seems appealing to me. First time, I order burger, fries and Masala tea. Masala tea was fine, the food took 20 minutes so I swallowed it without remembering much of any taste. Second time was nuggets and fish fingers with chips, I thought you cannot go wrong with frozen food. Both were so crispy, I could not tell the nuggets and fish fingers apart.

I also noticed that I could get a decent meal at a nearby coffee shop for the same price.

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Masala Tea is about the only thing worth buying here

This hole-in-a-wall is what it is. Not that hard to find, I am puzzled why anyone would actually buy any of the food there when the cafe is surrounded by countless other eateries which are much, much better.

Perhaps it is only to cater to those shoppers taking a little respite. If you do want to get anything, just get the drinks from the cooler or the masala tea which is honestly not bad.

Getting a seat is very difficult and ambience hovers just above zero but yet again if you are that tired, who's complaining?

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Not worth the money

I had the displeasure of eating here as one of my events took me to Mustafa, and till now I never understand why I went back for seconds.

This place is a hidden one. Walk too fast and you'll miss it completely. The tables are always full with everyone but eating customers. Regular patrons here include birds and other unwanted insects. I had a shock once when a bird suddenly landed on my table and point-blank refused to leave. I hope it's now in KFC.

Regardless, I ordered the fish fingers with chips and it isn't too shabby. I'd rate it a 3/10. The first few bites were alright because I was hungry, but when my hunger ebbed away, my appetite ran after it, so I left the dish half-finished.

Avoid whatever I tried (fish fingers and chips/ mustafa nasi lemak) and you may have a better experience than me.

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Great draw for shoppers, but average food at best.

I have only visited this cafe once, and that was many years ago. I clearly the average-tasting food being sold at slightly exorbitant prices. Being familiar with the area, I usually take my chances at one of the other less crowded, less noisy and more reasonable eateries.

Since that one visit, i have passed by this cafe many times, and I have figured it's main draw: It provides a rest haven for tired shoppers and their families. I usually do not see many locals patronising this cafe, it is usually tourists who make up the bulk of the cafe's customers.

My advice to locals: Stay away and have something better elsewhere.

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