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#03-39 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863
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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 04, 2012    

Guaranteed the most authentic Indonesian grilled chicken you could find in Singapore! The Malay word 'Ayam Bakar' means 'Grilled Chicken' in English while 'Ojolali' is Javanese words and means 'Don't Forget'. In combination 'Ayam Bakar Ojolali' means 'Unforgettable Grilled Chicken' in English.

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12pm - 9pm
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Honest comfort food...

This restaurant is helmed by Indonesian Chinese and what's new? I dare wager my last 10 bucks that all Indonesian restaurants here in Singapore are owned by Indonesian Chinese.

What is different about them is that I did not feel like I was eating in a restaurant. Sure, I knew I was eating in an eatery but it was more like a cosy "warong". The food, is honest and unpretentious and something that I could appreciate as close to being home cooked. I had eaten in Indonesian homes during my travels and I dare say this is as close to it as possible.

I tried the oxtail soup which was very, very nice indeed even on its own. My advice is to not to enter this joint with lofty expectations. Leave them at the door, come in, settle down and enjoy excellent humble food.

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(Updated: September 23, 2012)

Delicious Grilled Promphet

Ayam Bakar Ojolali is a small café at Lucky Plaza, famous for its Indonesian Grilled Chicken.

Being a Pescetarian, I tried their Grilled Promphet with Rice. It was a great dish. The promphet was grilled well. It was juicy, fleshy and the sauce drizzled on the fish was very flavourful. I would also recommend the tofu starter, which was tangy, making it a great way to start the meal.

Do go early, as it tends to get really crowded during dinner, even on weekdays. Although you would probably have to wait your turn to be seated, it won’t be long, and you can place your order before you are seated. Your food doesn’t take long to be served, and the staff is friendly.

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Unique Milkfish!

It's an authentic Indonesian restaurant which many is not familiar with. It is the only one that serves boneless milkfish with rice. I wasn't sure what is milk fish really but it tasted very nice. In Indonesian words, they called it Bandeng which means Milk.

For a price of $10, the serving size of the fish is really huge. They took out the bone of the fish and spread them open while grilling it. It does fill up the whole of your plate. It comes with a plain rice and some vegetables such as cabbage, tempeh and tofu. One thing I like about the fish that it melts in your mouth. It is very soft and tender on the inside. You may wanna dip into their Indonesian sauces but they are really spicy as the chilli seeds are mixed together in the sauce.

If you are a Chilli lover, you will love this sauce. In fact, it becomes addictive.

Overall, the concept of the place is fine. Nothing too fancy. Just a small unit of restaurant but the staffs are nice. If you need something, they will always attend to your request promptly. They are more friendlier than other staffs in other restaurants that i have been to.

A unique tasting fish to try!

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Boneless Milkfish with Rice!
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