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Listing created by Raion on October 08, 2012    

Snack Shop has only two shops, selling chicken rice and mixed vegetable. The shop sells cheaply and is especially famous for their chicken rice.

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average, but affordable hawker fare

Snack Shop is essentially a mini coffeeshop, with one cai fan store and a chicken rice store. There’s always a long, snaking queue there during lunch hour so I was pretty curious to give their food a try.

Since the queue for the chicken rice was way too long, I decided to try their cai fan instead. I ordered sweet and sour pork, steamed egg and some vegetables. It cost a little over $3, which is pretty standard. The food was pretty decent, just that the rice was a little hard and undercooked. There isn’t anything particularly memorable about Snack Shop, but I would say the food is above average since everything was pretty tasty.

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Disappointing service!

As I was walking past the row of small shops near Simei MRT, I spotted this small eating place which was packed with people. Adopting the "crowd mentality", I was curious to find out why people were queueing there, especially for the chicken rice, so I decided to give it a try.

The hawkers were rude to the customers and attended to our orders impatiently. I ordered a plate of roast chicken rice, which cost only $2.50! The fragrance of the rice and chicken made me ignore the warm and stuffy atmosphere in the shop. I quickly tucked into the food. The chicken was quite tender and the rice tasted as great as its smell.

Just as I was enjoying my meal, I spotted a dead bug at the side of the plate, hidden under the rice. I was horrified as I thought of how much of the meal I've already finished. I approached the hawkers and pointed out what I'd found, then asked politely for a smaller, separate plate of the rice as compensation. However, one of the hawkers simply apologised and told me that they were not responsible for it, so there was no compensation for my meal.

I was truly irked by the poor service and hygiene standard of the shop and I would recommend this place solely for its cheap and tasty chicken rice.

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Dropped in quality

Famous for its chicken rice since I was a child, it has almost been by daily lunch whenever I pass by Simei everytime then.

When I was a child, I would always order the roasted chicken rice with boiled egg. I remember the fragrant of the rice, the tendon chicken and of course the most important add-on for me. Their chilli sauce. It was heaven. One packet of chicken rice cost $2 when I was a child and it became a regular place for me to eat with my cousins when they are on budget.

I have not eaten their chicken for some time already and recently when I had a sudden craving for their chicken rice, it was quite disappointing. Firstly, the price has been raised to $2.50 (it's considered normal now - inflation!). Secondly, the rice was not as fragrant as what I had remembered it to be and the rice now is pretty sticky, not to my liking. The staff was no longer the man I used to see and the new staff keeps getting many customers' orders mixed up. I was rather upset (not because of wrong orders) but I could not find back that nostalgia feeling.

Well to be fair, the chcken now is still tender and the portion given is slightly larger than what I get from other stalls in hwaker centres. Furthermore, the shop has been newly renovated with new tables and chairs. They are now giving free chicken soup (with chicken feet and vegetables) free for customers dining in only. It is located at the side of the chicken rice stall - self-service. However, I find the air in the shop still stuffy and oily and would choose to have seats outside the shop.

The mixed vegetables rice stall is still having similar long queues as the chicken rice stall. But the vegetables doesn't look as fresh to me now. But I will still recommend my friends to give the chicken rice a try even though it was not up to my expectations from when I was a child. I believe it is still delicious since so many office ladies and men are willing to join a long queue for the rice.

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Roast chicken rice
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